5th Natural Hair Anniversary: How I Prep My Hair For Heat + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)!!

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This week is my 5th Natural Hair Anniversary!!! Aaahhhh!!!! I'm super duper excited!!! I cannot WAIT to share all the exciting content I have lined up for you this week..!

Kicking us off is a tutorial on how I prepare my hair for heat. Now as you may already know, I only use direct heat on my hair once a year. Yep! ONCE. No blow drying, no flat-ironing or hot-ironing during the year. None of that! I save all the heat for my natural hair anniversaries! Click here to see my 1st-4th hair anniversary progress!

What is heat damage?

Remember, heat can be very damaging to our natural hair if used excessively. Our hair is made of protein and heat denatures protein, that is, it breaks down the protein structure in our hair leading to heat damage. Heat damaged hair does not revert to its original curl pattern after washing.

What do we do if we have heat damage?

You may find sections of your hair have heat damage from using direct heat sources. The best remedy for heat damage is a protein treatment  to strengthen parts of the hair shaft that may be partially damaged. However, if you have excess damage, it's wise to snip it all off so your hair can recover. 

What tips do I use to prevent heat damage?

Absolutely! There are several ways to prevent heat damage: 

1. Avoid heat altogether :-) 

2. Use high quality heat tools with different heat settings and always start off with the lowest heat setting first.

3. Use heat sparingly per section. Rather than flat-iron sections of your hair severally, apply the heat only 1-3 times.

Can products prevent heat damage?

Luckily with the correct set of hair products, you may be able to prevent heat damage altogether! Wohoo!! You need to boost your moisture levels by deep conditioning prior to heat use but for stellar results, you'll need to follow up with a protein conditioner. A protein deep conditioner strengthens and fortifies your hair.

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