5 EXCITING Beauty & Lifestyle Discoveries From July + FREE Goodies from Firmoo.com!!

Heya Pretty! 

I know it's August 8th but to be honest, I'm still using "07" when I write the date rather than "08"! Haha! Where is this year going to? We're almost 3/4 through the year! #SayWhat!

July was a fun month! (Yes I'm still talking about July because I'm in denial that we have 145 days till the end of the year! *Gasp!*) No really, I had a lot of fun in July! 

I discovered a few, cozy, little beauty hacks so I thought I'd share!! 

1. Sunglasses from Firmoo.com! 

Oh yes ma! I got these precious goodies from Firmoo.com. I LOVE them! They are super chic and really fun and easy to wear. I loved the preppy look I had on this day. 

And of course, in the spirit of love and sunshine, YOU GET A PAIR OF FIRMOO GLASSES FOR FREEEEE!! Aahhh!! 

Yes, you read that right! Every single person reading this post qualifies for a FREE pair of glasses!!! All you need to do is:

1. Click on this (specific) link here 

2. Choose from the range of glasses here.

3. Apply the code "CRAVING" at check out. (**Terms and conditions apply)

4. Voila! You're all set!! 


**Please note that the shipping and handling fees are extra, and the discount code expires on August 22nd 2016.

If you'd like glasses like mine click this link here.

End of Oprah moment! Haha!

2. Foooooooddddd. Can I just say that again. Foooddd!! :-)

Need I shout it any louder?! Georgio's Restaurant always delivers. Feel free to visit their site here and of course, if you're ever in Melbourne, you'll need to pay them a visit. Their food is exquisite! 

Starters: Crisp Salt & Spice Calamari - flash-fried flour dusted calamari tossed with mixed spices served with yuzu chilli and sweet mayo.

Entree: Chicken Parmigiana - organic chicken breast topped with homemade Napoli sauce, mozzarella cheese served with chips. 

Entree: Tropical Delight Wood Fried Pizza - tomato, mozzarella cheese, Virginia ham & pineapple.

Drinks: Long Island Iced Tea and Havana Sunrise.

Dessert: Spanish Churros - lightly sugared, long cinnamon donuts served with hot chocolate ganache.

The dig in was REAL!

The dig in was REAL!

3. ...Weeelllll, I'm not spilling anything on #3, #4 or #5. You're going to have to watch this YouTube video for some pretty random but EXCITING beauty & lifestyle discoveries from July!!! Hihi! 

As always I'm sending you LOTS of love & sunshine!!