5 Brutal Truths About Our 20's: Thriving, Succeeding and Creating Our Best Lives!

Heya Pretty!

How's your Friday going? Mine sure has been hectic but absolutely WONDERFUL! I've spent this week looking at ways in which I want to grow personally - you know I'm all about self-improvement and self-love. And one of the things that has become apparent is that I love creating content and sharing it with my readers. In other words, I really think this blogging gig is for me! Now I know you might be like, "Girl, hol' up! What exactly do you mean?"(Said in a New York accent! Haha)

Well, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know studied Politics at Williams and Oxford with the aim of getting into International Development. Yup! And now here I am, in my own little corner of the internet, doing my own little thing! Ha! How life changes! I guess this is just how our 20's go right?

Here's what I'm learning:

1. Life doesn't go as planned. 

Five years ago, I thought I'd be working towards an Master of Philosophy in International Education Policy. I thought I'd be married. I thought I'd be living in Kenya. But here I am pursuing content production, "single-ish i.e. love is complicated" and living in Australia. My current circumstances are as a result of my decisions but also coincidental encounters that have placed me here. This is the beauty of life. Where we are, may not be where we planned to be but it sure is where we are meant to be. I'm learning to trust and embrace my journey. 

2. Your University degree doesn't really mean what you thought it would after graduation. 

Hahaha!! I'm laughing at myself here. Please, allow me to. I did my undergrad in the US and if you studied in the US, you know just how important it is to choose your Major and Minors correctly. At my Uni, majors were EVERYTHING! You'd sound most intelligent if you said you were studying "Physics with a minor in Latina/o/x Studies with a focus on Guatemala because you wanted to better understand the effect of electricity supply on lactating mothers between the ages of 23-27". LOL! Our Majors sounded really serious. But our hearts were in the right place. We wanted to make our studies count. We wanted to impact peoples lives. But now that I've been out of Uni for a while, I realise my degree was not necessarily meant to give me the skills in Physics to solve issues for lactating mothers, but more so to open my mind to the possibilities outside of my immediate environment. One thing you realise in your 20's is that Uni nurtured your vision, empathy, discipline and creativity. Uni gave you the skills to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world. 

3. Your first job is not what you thought it would be. 

Which leads me to my third point. Can we just re-read no. 3 and high-five each other?! Haha! Getting my first job out of college really humbled me. Like many of you who may have recently graduated Uni or are looking to graduate soon, I held an idea of what kind of work I was looking to get into and what tasks I saw myself doing. However, unless you're in the boat and sailing, you can't really know how calm or rough the waters are just by standing on the shore! My first job has been in Marketing at a large corporate in Melbourne and while it wasn't the kind of job I studied for, it has given me some really invaluable skills that I'll carry throughout my life. I've realised that aside from my tasks, the most important habits I've picked up are punctuality, discipline, team work, creativity and professionalism. I've learnt that it takes more than just awards on your CV to get you far in your career. I've learnt that my outlook as well as how I carry myself around my colleagues is what really leaves a lasting impression and sets me up for new opportunities. 

4. #Adulting

Need I say more? Hahaha! Figuring out where to buy tomatoes, how much gas and electricity cost, what type of car to buy...let's just say #adulting is here, and here to stay! In my first year and a half out of Uni, I've grown up really quickly. Not only have I had to pay very adult-ish bills, I've had to carry myself like an adult. Now this doesn't necessarily mean wearing some granny sandals and neither does it mean being haughty and arrogant. For me, carrying myself like an adult has meant taking the time to learn and develop my inner person. Outside of all the aspects of myself that have been shaped by my upbringing (parents/schools I've attended), I'm coming to chart my own path. I'm asking myself questions like, what do I best? What's my ideal day like? What aspects of life matter most to me? How do I achieve balance in my life? What does success mean to me? While the answers to these questions may shift and evolve over time, (and some may not ever fee resolved), I'm learning to keep asking, keep wondering and keep curious. 

5. You're doing a lot better than you give yourself credit for.

I'm learning to relax. I'm naturally a VERY driven and goal-oriented person. And sometimes, that means I beat myself up when I don't fully achieve all I set out to do. Don't get me wrong, setting goals is great. In fact, in your 20's, while you still have the energy, make it a point to push yourself. That said, take time to pat yourself on the back. Look at just how far you've come. Where were you just a year ago? You've come from soo far! You've probably held your first job and are looking to get a promotion. You've probably gotten married or ended a toxic relationship. You've probably become a parent or maybe even travelled the world on your own for the first time. Either way, you've done SOMETHING pretty amazing. So stop for a second, breathe and congratulate yourself. I'm learning to do the same. I'm learning to quantify my success not so I can laud it over anyone, but so I can reming myself to keep going. I really do hope you do the same. No really, get off the blog (thanks for reading, hahaha!) pull out a pen and paper and jot down a few things you're really proud to have accomplished this year! I'm sure your list will be super long! If anything, I'm really proud of you. 

Feel free to leave me a note down below in the comments section with a few brutal truths you've picked up in your 20's! 

I'm sending you lots and lots of LOVE and SUNSHINE,