How To Prepare Your Natural Hair For Swimming!!

Heya Pretty! 

I sure do hope you had a most restful weekend! Mine was definitely relaxing! If you're on Snapchat, you probably hang out with me on the beach! I spent a good while totally relaxing on the beach. Need I say, I adddooorreeee the beach! I'd sell all my belongings and live just on fruit juice and coconuts by the sea if I had to!! 

Anywaaayyyy, I digress! Where was I? Oh yes, back to swimming! It goes almost without saying that swimming can be a stressful exercise for us naturalistas. Shrinkage is guaranteed to restructure your twist out, and is rude enough to do so without your permission! Ha! As if that's not enough, our strands can easily be damaged by the excessive sun and salty water. 

Here's how I prepare my hair for swimming: 

1. I wash and deep condition

Now if you've known me for a while, you sure do know that I love to deep condition my hair - I do so once a week, see how here. Deep conditioning adds much needed moisture to our strands prior to sun exposure. Remember how we learnt in primary school science that clothes dry faster in the sun than in the shade? Now replace clothes with hair! Yikes! You guessed it! Sun does dry out our hair, and to prevent this we can saturate it with moisture during deep conditioning. 

2. I seal my hair with avocado oil

So usually, I'll seal my hair with olive oil. Click here to find out why. But for the beach I'll deal with Avocado oil. Avocado oil is rich in Omega 3s and can actually protect your hair from damage by UV rays. Sealing also coats our hair and prevents our hair from getting in direct contact with salty water. Again, remember that primary school science lesson in which we learnt that oils repel water? Well this is one such case in which this fact holds true.


3. I hold my hair up and away from the water, usually in a stretched protective style

This just prevents matting and knotting during shrinkage, as well as mechanical damage from rolling about in the sand! You wouldn't believe how easily our hair can get snagged in our beach towels or even in the sand. Keeping my hair up and away from my shoulders while swimming means that it is protected from unnecessary mechanical damage.

4. I clarify my hair thereafter

Now don't get me wrong, beach water can be great for sanitising your hair and scalp. It's high salt content is nature's own saline solution so go ahead and dip your head in the sea water as much as you'd like. However, as sea water has a low pH, it's best washed out to restore our hair's natural pH of 4.5. If you opt to swim on the beach and in the pool, you'll need to wash out the chlorine too. Make sure to use a clarifying shampoo and then condition and seal your hair. 

Ps- I took these pics at Portsea Melbourne, during Zack and Simone's engagement party. These beautiful waters are the reason why I made it back to the beach this past weekend for a dip!! :-)

And with these four easy haircare tips, you're ready to hit the beach and have some fun in the sun!! Wohooo!! 

How do you prepare your hair for swimming? Are you planning any trips to the coast soon? If so, I hope you soak in all the sunshine!! 


Love and Sunshine,