Craving Yellow Turns One!!!

Heya Pretty! 

What a wonderful day of the year to be alive!! I'm sitting here with a big bright smile on my face. And I'm just soaking it all in..! All the love and sunshine we've shared over the past one year! Yep! You guessed right, I began Craving Yellow exactly one year ago! 

It was smack bang in the middle of winter in Colorado when I told my big brother, "I'm going to start blogging!" And he looked at me and said, "Go for it!" And that's literally how things began. I was so eager to have my blog running that I'd sleep for 2 hours a night, (yes 2!), because I needed to learn lots of tech and code. You can only imagine how much I wished I'd studied COMPUTER science rather than POLITICAL science!! Haha! 

But I can't fault my love for Politics, as it opened me up to Art History - one of the main inspirations behind my blog. To read my first post, click here. 

As I've said severally on the blog, Craving Yellow is inspired by the desire to encourage a positive and self-loving/self-caring womanhood for myself and also for my readers. We all know that beyond all the glam, make-up and fashion (of which you'll find lots on my blog), is real life - with its joys, ups and downs, treasures and pains (of which you'll also find lots on my blog!).

Craving Yellow is the pursuit of wholesome womanhood. 

Why haircare? Well because I can testify that for many African/African American/Black women in the diaspora, haircare is a big challenge. Giiirrllllll, the struggle is too real when you have to figure out your kinks and coils for the first time, and for me, away from the comfort of my home country! This very simple yet important aspect of discovering my femininity led me to introspection. Natural haircare has been a process of understanding myself, and more so in a global environment where my physical features stand out. My life's journey saw me leave Kenya at 17 to do my A-Levels in South Africa, after which I moved to the US (Williams College) and then to the UK (Oxford University) to do my studies and back to the US; and now I'm perched in Australia with the love of my life! ;-)

The past 8 years for me have been a process of navigating, exploring, challenging, accepting and thriving beyond the razor-sharp contours of what it means to be black and female and African and educated in the West. 

And it is this very journey of exploration and adventure that is the basis of my blog. This is what inspires me, everyday, to keep writing and to keep sharing my hair "tips and tricks" as I like to say! But more importantly to share my life with you, raw and unedited, so that even if in the slightest, your days might be brighter, your existence might be affirmed.

I write for you and for me and I write for us. Thank you for your readership. One of my favorite aspects of the blog is reading your comments and connecting with you, so thanks for your comments and suggestions and support! 

"Natural. Black Woman. Dark Tone. Kinky Hair. Full Lips. Round Hips. And All That Comes With It."

"Femininity is not just lipstick, stylish hairdos and trendy clothes. It is the divine adornment of humanity. It finds expression in your qualities: your capacity to love, your spirituality, your radiance, your delicacy, radiance, sensitivity, creativity, charm, graciousness, gentleness, dignity and quiet strength."

I truly bask in your sunshine. I'm truly warmed by your love!