#CravingYellowCommunity Blog Hangout!! (4 x 4)

What a wonderful week it's been on the blog! I've truly loved hanging out with you and hearing what you've been upto this year! (For day 1, click hereday 2, here; and day 3, here.)Thanks for taking the time to respond, and to respond in length! We've all been on such different paths this year! We've all learned a lot, grown that little bit wiser and truly soaked in all of life. :-)

As I'm sitting here on my bed, typing this out, with a big smile on my face, I'm truly happy that each of you is part of our #CravingYellowCommunity. Your honesty has been refreshing and I cannot tell you how much you've inspired me to keep soaking in the sunshine!! 

Now, I know it's Christmas and I sure don't want you glued to your computer or phone screen during this festive time! So I'll keep this brief:

Go out, treat yourself, celebrate your beautiful existence, shower your friends and family with love. Hang out with them, listen to their shenanigans and (dramatic stories of ratchteness! Haha!) Be kind to those around you. Even to strangers. Give. Sleep in. Eat to your fill. Have a glass of wine. Take a long, lazy walk. Cozy up for a nice movie. Soak it all in lovey!! 

***The photos in this shoot, and in the three previous posts, were taken in January 2015 in Mass MOCA, Massachusetts. Craving Yellow, the blog, was only a couple of days old. I don't know if you remember how my page looked, but for a while, this last picture was my header photo. From my perspective, I'm truly humbled by how this platform has evolved over the course of the year. I'm simply driven by you and above all else, my dream is that Craving Yellow will continue to be a space in which you feel free to take part and share your views.****

(Okay, end of Oscar speech..haha!:-)

Wishing you and yours, a bright and colourful Christmas! 

Love and Sunshine,