#CravingYellowCommunity Blog Hangout!! (1 x 4)

I've been thinking about this blog project for a while, and truthfully, I've been a little afraid to put it on here. This project is very different from any I've worked on before, because this time around, I'm asking YOU, my reader(s) to share your experiences with me (and with fellow readers)! 

There's no denying that as I've written this blog over the past year, I've enjoyed sharing my "tips and tricks" as I like to say! For me, writing has always been therapeutic. I started writing at 13 and I have about 15 journals to date. When I'm off screen, I've always found it refreshing to hang out with my girlfriends. We don't have to be talking about anything serious or ground-breaking; in fact, oftentimes we're sharing rather inappropriate and silly things!

So this 4-day series, is exactly that! This is moment for us to hang out, right here on the blog, just like girlfriends would! :-) (Who's bringing the wine?)

This is a chance for us to connect and share all the random things we've been upto or learned this year. It can be anything as simple as "I learned how to make Ugali" or "I learned to forgive". I'll provide a couple of prompts over the course of the week and you can respond to any that you'd like. If you want to go off topic, feel free to! I simply want to provide a space for us to vent, release, share and heal right here on the blog. I'm all about end year cleanses and reflections. Each new year that we're gifted is a chance to press the re-start button in any area of your life. 

Below are today's prompts. Feel free to drop a line, write a few paragraphs, heck leave me a link to your book response! Hahaha! 

1. What was your happiest moment this year? 

2. What significant transition have you made this year? 

3. What new food did you discover this year? (Recipes are welcome) 

4. What book/author/blogger did you find super informative this year, and why? 

5. What new spaces/places did you discover this year? 

6. What fear did you overcome this year?

PS- This here is an exercise in self-portraiture. I took these pictures in January this year, when I was still a baby blogger! Hihi! Seeing that these series of posts is all about self-reflection and sharing, I'll tell you this: I'm truly glad I started Craving Yellow! 

In response to prompt no. 6 above, blogging has forced me to overcome selfishness and pride. It sure has taken lots out of me, but I can't tell you how much joy it has given back! I've loved getting to know you, as well as getting to hear about your hair growth and life shenanigans! 

Thanks for being a part of my journey!! I'm looking forward to reading your responses in the comments section!! :-) Go on, this is your space to vent, share, reflect, laugh, release...and all that good stuff!