A Retro & Regal Christmas Updo!!


Heya Pretty! 

Christmas is right around the corner, and your girll is excited!! Oh word! As I mentioned in this post here, December is one of my favorite times of the year because of all the season's festivities!

I have several fun Christmas events lined up for the end of the year, so I thought I'd share a styling idea that's both retro and regal. 

When I say retro, I mean beehive retro! Do you remember the beehive? Not Bey-hive, but beehive! That hairstyle that we all wanted when we were kids!! I cannot tell you how much I pestered my mum to have my hair braided up in a beehive! I just thought it was the cutest most divalicious style ever!!! 

(Yeah, my brother says I've been a diva from birth! Haha!) 

So I thought I'd weave in some warm childhood memories into this year's Christmas hair styling! 

I pinned up my hair using a very simple roll and tuck method. Would you believe I used two pins? I love that my 4C hair simply catches on itself, no holding sprays and mousses needed around here! Mother nature gave us all the right kinks and curls to hold down a style even in a tornado!! Now I ain't complaining!

I then added this gorrrgeeouuss golden headpiece that I bought from Lovisa. You can find similar ones here. And voila..retro regal queendom was achieved!

Can we also talk about this little white number? I got it for a bargain at a boutique store in Melbourne. I love that it's high neckline gives it a structured and formal feel but its length and out-turned zipper give it a modern, girlie fit! This dress is classic and chic all in one! LOVE IT!

When your lashes deliverrrr!!! :-) I'm wearing Eyelure Lashes, no. 101 

When your lashes deliverrrr!!! :-) I'm wearing Eyelure Lashes, no. 101 

Oh what fun it is to style our hair this festive season!! What styles are you rocking this Christmas/New Years? I'd love to know!

Love & Sunshine!