A Bright, African Christmas With UJU!!

Heya Pretty! 

It's that wonderful time of the year again: Christmas! As you probably read in this post here, Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I've been hearing lots of season-themed songs everywhere. Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas Is You" has been replayed at least 1 gazzilion billion times on radio already! And yes folks, its only December 10th. We have at least two more weeks to go! Haha!!

What I want for Christmas though is a table full of colourful and flavourful African foods, and to be surrounded by friends and family. It goes without saying that nothing quite matches the joyful spirit of a bright, African Christmas.

When I was growing up in Kenya, we had three options: Christmas in my paternal, upcountry home; or in my Wawa's (mum's mum) home in Kimorigo, or a Nairobi one, which simply meant we'd attend church in the morning and have Christmas brunch with family at home. Each Christmas location differed quite significantly.

Christmas at my Dad's upcountry home meant cooking Christmas lunch in a semi-urban kitchen and having lots of neighbors stop by with seasons greetings. Christmas at Wawa's meant a huge, and I mean the biggest sufuria (industrial size pot then some) you ever did see, of pilau. With over 100 cousins on my Wawa's side, Christmas meant business! In Nairobi, we'd attend the Christmas Day morning service. (My mother wouldn't miss this for the world, she loves singing Christmas carols!)  And then cool it in the afternoon with my cousins. Whichever which way, Christmas in Kenya was always a busy, bright, boisterous and beautiful affair. 

This year, will be my first Christmas in Australia. What a change of scenery and pace - a summery winter in the "West" sure does take some getting used to! But I'm not complaining, Christmas in sunny Australia simply means I get to don some bright coloured Kitenge head wraps and, of course, lots of bright and happy jewellery. 

I'm utterly in love with these necklaces that were sent to me from UJU. UJU not only makes the most gorgeous, high quality African decorative pieces, it's a company with a great story. UJU, which means honey in Zulu, draws from South African, Ndebele and Maasai aesthetics to create tasteful pieces to don and for decor. As if that's not sweet enough (see what I did there? Honey, sweet, as in honey? okay, moving on:-) ) they work closely with women's empowerment cooperatives in South Africa to alleviate poverty. 

I mean, how fantastic! How fantastic! If you've known me for a while, you'll now know why I'm utterly in love with UJU!! (Find out more in this post here!)

Quite frankly, I don't know which head wrap and necklace combo I'll rock for Christmas. I might go with the yellow head wrap (for rather obvious reasons). For necklaces, I'm loving the triple ringlets but there's something clean and chic about the singlets too!

I honestly, cannot decide which one I love best! I might just get them all! Oh the struggles of being a woman! On the bright side of it all though, I can always gives some away to friends and family. Isn't an African christmas all about being match-matchy anyway?!! (I remember back in the day when my mother would have the tailor sew identical outfits for my siblings and I!! Hahaha!)

Serving face! 

Serving face! 

Either way, Christmas is here and oh what a joyful season! I truly wish you a safe and restorative one! 

Love and Sunshine!