D.I.Y Haircare : Maximize Your Moisture Retention Using Olive Oil!!

Well Heya Pretty!!

I sure do hope that you've had a restful weekend! I'm sat here deep conditioning my hair with some olive oil, and thinking to myself..."hmm, what should today's post be about?" 

Oh, wait! Dah! Why don't I share my top tips on to use Olive Oil to maximize your hair's moisture retention?!! Bingo!

Okay, first things first:

- Olive oil is one of the few natural oils that can penetrate the hair shaft!

I say natural to mean cold-pressed and extra virgin. Some naturals refer to this as EVOO, that is, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (Thank goodness we are off all the DAX and Venus Oils we used to lather on our scalps, right?!!) EVOO is several notches above any artificially formulated pomade. Its molecules, especially when slightly heated, are small enough to get under your cuticles and strengthen your shaft! Now how amazing is that!?

That science simply blows my mind! (Check out this very science-y post when you get a chance! Yes, I can be nerdy!)

- Olive oil is simply one of my favorite oils...BUTTT..

...you can use avocado oil and/or coconut oil as alternatives. I prefer olive oil because it's very easily available and affordable. Also, it easily absorbs into my strands. I find avocado oil pretty acidic - there's many a time when it has ran down my sweaty face in the gym and stung me in the eye! Not a very pretty sight, I'll tell ya! As for coconut oil, it's naturally found in a saturated/solidified form. Several times in cold winter weather, it has frozen and formed white flakes on my hair! :-/ Trust me, these flakes did not look like fairy snow flakes...! They weren't a verrry pretty sight! 

Okay! Now that that's out of the way, let's dig in, shall we?

 3 Benefits of Olive Oil for Your Hair

1. Olive Oil helps relieve dryness! 

As I've said severally, oils cannot be moisturizers, simply because oil repels water! (I promise, this post is not a science lesson!). That said, oils can keep moisture from escaping from our scalp and hair shafts, and in so doing, relieving dryness! Now that is just plain bomb, innit?! :-)

2. Olive Oil adds shine!

Now as a 4C BABE:-), my tresses were never meant to shine and glisten. Think Brazilian weave. Now think Afro. Those two hair textures are almost directly opposed when it comes to shine. Our 4C hair does not naturally "shine" because our hair's cuticles are raised. And that's totally fine. However some naturals like to have shiny hair. So rather than use a can spray or serum, topically apply a few drops of olive oil and voila! You're good to go! Olive oil won't leave you looking like you just swam in a can of vaseline, but it will give you some sparkle! ;-)

3. Olive Oil is a great conditioning agent!

Slip. I don't know if you've heard of this term before? Nah? Okay. Slip refers to the ease with which a product allows you to run your fingers through your hair. Olive oil gives lots of slip. Oil reduces friction. (I promise, this is NOT a science lesson!) By reducing friction between our strands, oil can aid in the detangling process! Wohoo!! (Ps- check out this YouTube video on how I detangle my 4C hair!)

3 Easy Ways to Use Oil To Maximize Your Moisture Retention.

1. As a hot oil treatment.

Simple. Pour 4 or so teaspoons of EVOO into a bowl and heat it in the microwave. Apply the heated oil directly to your dry hair and scalp. And massage! Mmmmm...! You can do hot oil treatments in between wash days or even as a pre-shampoo treatment.

2. As a post-wash treatment. 

Even simpler. Sometimes, after my regular wash routine, I slather my strands with olive oil. I do this when my hair is slightly damp. I don't apply any leave-in conditioner or creams. I simply apply olive oil along the length of my hair and let my hair dry. This is an especially effective way of increasing your moisture retention when the weather is dry. 

3. As an emollient within your deep conditioner.

Just like I'm doing now! Add some olive oil - a teaspoon should do - to your deep conditioner and then apply your deep conditioner to your hair and scalp as usual. The EVOO will add slip to your conditioner, and work to further strengthen your hair. 

Have you used Olive Oil in your hair regimen? How do you use it? I'd love to know hun! 

PS- Let me getting to rinsing off my deep conditioner ei? I'm going to let my hair air dry as I watch an episode of Narcos! My Boo got me addicted to it! Loolll!! 

Lots and lots and lots of LOVE and SUNSHINE!