D.I.Y Haircare : 3 Amazing Benefits Of Honey For Your HairCare!!

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Heya Pretty!

What's in your kitchen pantry? I've been on the hunt, lately, for all natural, multipurpose, pantry-friendly ingredients that I can include in my beauty regimen. This is partly because, I like to live within my means, and partly because the benefits of these products for our general health and well being are immense! 

Now, it's no surprise that honey tops the list! Honey has been used in beauty regimens for millennia! Apparently, honey was the "secret" to Cleopatra's beauty regimen!! 

I'm all about beautiful hair (and skin), so let's dive in, shall we?

3 Benefits of Honey For Your Hair

1. Honey is an emollient - this means that it has "softening" properties. When added to your deep conditioner, honey helps soften your strands. As an emollient, honey adds lots of sheen and shine to our strands and nurtures the health of our hair follicles Yippee!! 

2. Honey has anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties - this means that it helps protect against psoriasis and dandruff caused by bacterial activity. We can't go wrong with a healthy scalp, now can we? :-)

3. Honey is a humectant - this means that it helps our strands retain moisture! This is mainly as a result of its high sugar content. More moisture = less breakage! Yumm!! 

3 Ways To Use Honey In Your Hair Regimen

1. Enhance your deep conditioner: Add a tablespoon to your Deep Conditioner. And continue with your regimen as usual. Very simple! All you have to do is mix it in, and then let it do its thing! 

2. As a moisturizing deep conditioner: Add 3 tablespoons to a cup of warm water. Wash your hair as normal, and then rinse your hair with the honey/water mix. Massage it into your strands, then don your plastic cap and let it sit for an hour or so! Your hair shall be singing hymns!! 

3. As a scalp scrub/moisturizer during your prepoo: If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've probably figured out that I LOVE to pre-poo. Check out my YouTube video here. (I was brand new to YouTube and oh ssooo chhuuttee!! Hihih!)To enhance my prepoo, I like to add honey. I warm up some honey in a bowl and then section my hair and apply it directly to my scalp. I then let my hair sit for the duration of my prepoo. I tell ya, my scalp feels like pure heaven!! 

Have you used honey in your hair regimen? If so, how? I'd love to know!! If you haven't, why not indulge your senses? Your hair will thank you! 

Sunshine and love and then some..!