Craving Yellow Featured On "Textured Talk"!!


Happy Happy Monday! 

I truly hope that you are having an energetic morning! I'll blame my burst of energy on the swig of coffee that I just had! 

A few days back, I got featured on Textured Talk as one of the top 6 bloggers for type 4 hair texture!! I'm deeply honored by the accolade! Read the feature by clicking here. 

Textured Talk is a blog that's run by Charlene Walton. Her blog engages everyday women in healthy hair conversations, while embracing various hair textures. Her goal is to provide a one-stop shop for research and resources to make your hair journey easy and enjoyable while encouraging women to be proud of their hair texture!

I absolutely love connecting with other women who simply want to encourage other women! 

Thanks for the feature Charlene! 

Love and Sunshine!!