I Found Yellow! (August 2015)

Heya Pretty!

It's September!!! AAahhhh!!! I can't believe we're getting to the near end of the year! I'm still setting resolutions for what I want to do in 2015! Hhaha! 

It's that time on the blog when I share my best memories from the month gone by! August was one interesting month, I'll tell ya..! I was mainly job hunting and house hunting! A slow and gruesome process - check out this YouTube Vlog here for deets. 

I Found Laughter!

With the boo-thaaanng!! (I promise I'll introduce you to him soon!) He just plain cracks me up, ALL the time! He and I have been hanging out lots this month, because he's been helping me settle down in Melbourne. 

I also found lots of laughter on @blameitonkway's Instagram page. This guy, is too much! I swear, I have cried, almost choked and even stopped breathing when watching his Insta vids. Suss him! And thank me later!

I Found Energy!

Life ebbs and flows - yep! Just like your heartbeat, it goes up and down! The month of August gave me a burst of energy! I found lots of healing and rest - I'm surrounded by people whose love and support is very practical! I'm learning to lean on other people and let their positive energy ignite mine!

I Found Light!

...in the most random places I tell ya! I've been reading some very random, but interesting posts - thanks to my Facebook friends - that I think you'd find interesting/hilarious/eye-opening and all that good stuff. 

1. My friends, Mushi and Steph, and I were recently arguing about armpit hair on women - check out this post here on how some feminists are growing out and coloring their admit and pubic hair as a public/social statement. I find their rhetoric interesting! Would you do it?

2. I'm currently reading Aung San Suu Kyi's Biography "Perfect Hostage". She has been heavily involved in advocating for democracy in Burma and was the Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1991. Reading autobiographies is a great way to gain depth on the longevity of life. Because I'm young, I tend to fret about little things - but when I get to see a life mapped out, my current worries look like miniscule insecurities! Click here to see a book review.


3. I'm deeply moved by Warsan Shire's Poetry. Warsan is a Kenyan-born Somali writer and poet who is based in London. Her poem "Home" is a poignant piece that grounds the current refugee crisis in the Middle East & Europe. Check out this poem here. 

4. I am inspired by two young female African writers. The first is Priscilla Semphere. She is a Sophomore at Smith College and graduated from African Leadership Academy, several years after I did. She says that "storytelling is a powerful way of promoting African voices and telling our stories." Read more about her amazing journey here. Check out her article on "The Africa We Are Ashamed Of" in the Huffington Post by clicking here. 

The second is Zipporah Gene - she writes a controversial piece on the appropriation of African clothing and culture by Black America, and asks if black people can culturally appropriate one another. Hmm..I don't exactly agree with her sentiments, because it's close to impossible to draw a distinct line between "African" and "African American". These categorizations don't do justice to the multiplicity of experiences amongst "Black" people. Read her piece here. 


As always, these are a few of my favorite blog shots from the month of August. (Click on the images for a direct link to each post!) :-)

3 Easy Ways To Add Sunshine To Everyday Life

3 Easy Ways To Add Sunshine To Everyday Life

Well, hello September..I'm eager to see what you bring! 

Love and Sunshine,