Simple Washday Routine Featuring Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Treatment!!

Heya Pretty!

What a busy busy busssyy week this one has been for me! I've been swamped with lots of interesting activities!! (Ps - look out for a vlog coming out soon on my YouTube channel, Craving Yellow!!)

When I woke up today, and realized it was wash day, I knew that I had to keep things simple. I was simply too zonked to be bothered with a 418-step washday routine!! So I literally whittled down my regimen to three main steps:


I used my old faithful Apple Cider Vinegar. (Check out this post here for more uses of Apple Cider Vinegar.) I am yet to find a product that my hair loves this much. The moment I pour some of this yummy stuff on, my hair feels most pampered. My curls rejoice!! No kidding!

Deep Condition:

I slathered some Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque on the length of my hair.

What I like about this product:

  • Ultra ultra ullttrraaa moisturizing! It really does leave my hair feeling treated. It applies easily, has great slip and is well absorbed into my strands after deep conditioning session.
  • Easily available online - now that I'm no longer based in the US, I'm beginning to better understand the product struggle! Shea Moisture is widely available online. Check out to scratch a deal!
  • Yummy ingredients - remember this post? Yep! Your deep conditioner can only produce amazing results if it is formulated to! Don't believe marketing gimmicks! Be sure to read the list of ingredients before your purchase a product!

What I dislike about this product:

  • It is VERY strongly scented! It has a very deep, spicy, almost woody tone. I don't know if all that perfume was necessary for the formulation to be effective! Le sigh!! This product will leave a very strong trail wherever you go. I prefer to use it at home. And when, I'm home, I open all the windows. Yes, it's that strong!

Overall, it's a winner! If you can get your hands on some, I'd recommend you do so asap! Your tresses will thank you!


My old faithful, Karen's Body Beautiful Butter Love. I've used this on my hair for aggesss!! I especially love this product because it's made of several yummy butters with proven benefits for our hair. After rinsing out my conditioner, I applied it to the length of my hair, and braided my hair in two three strand braids.

and...voila!! Washday was complete!

If that was not a simple wash day routine, I don't know what is! My hair feels blesseeed! Yess laawwdd!! Have you figured out a simple washday routine? I'd love to know!!

Now, onto my fourth nap of the day! (Yes, this week was more than exhausting!)

Have a restful one my dear!

Love and sunSHINE!!