Beginner's Guide To Deep Conditioning!!

Well heya pretty!!

Happy Hump Day../Almost Hump Day..! (Depending on where in the world you are!)

Isn't it the greatest day to talk about the greatest topic: HAIR?! You know I could talk hair, all day, errday!? Haha! Let's get to it, shall we?!

Deep Conditioning, Deep Conditioning...where to begin? By basic definitions, I presume.

What is Deep Conditioning?

Deep Conditioning refers to the process of treating (healing/restoring) your hair with a moisturizing or protein-based conditioner. The conditioning product that is applied to your hair might be specially formulated for deep treatment or it might even be simply a "boosted" regular conditioner or even a DIY concoction! Deep Conditioning adds extra moisture or protein to our strands so as to ensure that they are strong and healthy! Yuuummm! :-)

(Doncha worry! I'll be expounding on all these different options over the course of this Deep Conditioning Series! Whoop!!)

When should I Deep Condition?

I prefer to deep condition weekly. This is the maximum period that I can go without washing my hair. Please find my hair regimen here.

When, in my weekly hair regimen, should I Deep Condition?

I deep condition my hair after pre-pooing/co-washing my hair. (I expound on pre-pooing in this YouTube video here. Co-washing is the process of using a conditioner rather than a shampoo to wash your hair. Many naturalistas claim that this is less drying to their tresses.) I apply my deep conditioner to my wet, freshly washed hair. After deep conditioning, I rinse and air dry my hair.

What products should I use for Deep Conditioning?

This is an entire post of its own, so look out for part 2! (Such a tease, ain't I?!)

How should I apply my Deep Conditioner?

With natural hair, it's best to apply all your products from tip to root/scalp. This is because the hair that is brushing on our shoulders is the oldest, and the most prone to damage. When applying your Deep Conditioner, begin by sectioning off your hair. (Watch this YouTube video here on how I section and detangle my hair.) Then, on each section, use the smoothing method (Watch this YouTube video here on how I use the smoothing method to apply my pre-poo.) Don't forget to saturate your hair with your products! Also, remember to lather some of that good stuff on your scalp!

How do I ensure that I get the maximum benefits from Deep Conditioning?

Well, firstly, to have healthy long hair, we must be on a consistent hair regimen. We can't deep condition weekly for one month then fall off the bandwagon for three months! Consistency is key when it comes to growing your best head of hair! This means coming up with a deep conditioning cycle/hair regimen and sticking to it!

How do I maximize my product use when Deep Conditioning?

Great question! I'll fully address this question in Part 3 (Arrgghh! I can't help but be such a tease, now can I? Haha!)

There's several ways to maximize your product use when Deep Conditioning. You can use your body's natural heat, a hooded dryer or even a hair steamer! But not for all deep conditioning products! I'll be sure to expound on how and why you must maximize product use when Deep Conditioning in Part 3 (There goes that teaser again! :-) )

Okay, I'm done teasing! What questions do you have on Deep Conditioning? Feel free to leave me a line below and I'll incorporate the answers in this week's Deep Conditioning Series!!

Yaasss to healthy hair!!! :-)

Love and LOTSA Sunshine,