My Night Time Routine for Dry Natural Hair: The Green House Method Explained!

Heyaa ssuuuwweetty!

I hope you're holding up well? Happy Mon-daze! Speaking of dazes, today's post is on "the doze". (See what I did there? Daze? Doze? :-) Maadd corny! Haha!)

Okay Tabitha. Focus. 

This Mic Toss is the reason why my head is all over the place: Kim Burrel, Lalah Hathaway, Chrisette Michelle, India Arie at the Essence Festival. Let this be your lullaby tonight! 

Speaking of sleep, what's your night time hair routine? Yep! If we nurture our tresses during the day, we definitely should care our hair during the night, right? Your night-time hair routine is crucial to your hair's health.

Here's why:

1. Pillows and pillow cases can very easily suck all the moisture we've worked so hard to retain throughout the day. Cotton is the best known hair-health-degrading culprit!

2. All the tossing and turning that we do as we sleep can damage our strands. When your strands are in direct contact with any surface - your pillow case and sheets included -  they are exposed to constant friction. All this mechanical damage can lead to jagged tresses in no time!! :-/

Dry, parched, jagged tresses aren't cute now are they? :-)

 This is how I prep my hair for bed on most nights. Version 2.0 : Dryness Extinction!

1. Smile and thank the heavens for life! 

2. Pause and think about the meaning of life... No but seriously, most days when I'm lazing about the house, my hair is in two-strand twists just like this. Remember what I shared in this post on low manipulation styles? The less you comb your hair, the healthier/stronger your hair will be. On days when I'm leaving the house, I will take time to style my hair. But if not, the in-house-ratchetness is REALL! Lool!! That just means that in the evening I don't have to retwist my hair for bed! 

3. Next, I pin up and tuck in my ends. The ends of our hair are the oldest and the weakest. They need to be properly protected at all times if you're keen on health and length retention.

4. I then wear my satin bonnet. I have had this one for agggeesss!!! I can't even remember where I got it from! (If you're looking for one, there's loads available online, just search for "buy satin bonnet".) I love this particular satin bonnet because it has a draw string around its perimeter which keeps it from slipping off at night.

Remember, satin bonnets do not absorb your hair's moisture/oils. This helps retain your hair's water content. Additionally, as satin is a smooth material, your strands won't snag and pull against your pillow as you sleep. Less damage = healthier hair! :-) Yaaayy us!! 

However, when things get crackly and dry, and my hair needs an intervention, I use the Green House Method (GHM). 

The Green House Method explained:

Think about how tomatoes are grown en masse - they are usually grown in a green house right? A green house is a tent-like structure that allows farmers to control the amount of sunshine, moisture, warmth (etc etc) that plants need to grow. In the same way, the GHM is a controlled way to saturate your hair with the nutrients you like. (Natural hair touches on all aspects of life - farming included! :-) )

For me the GHM allows me to saturate my hair with moisture and light oils. This helps me nip dryness in the bud! (Remember this post I shared on my Instagram about my dry hair?)

Here's how I do it:

1. I spritz my hair with water till its about 50% damp. I then apply my Shea Moisture Hold and Shine Moisture Mix, my Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangling Leave-In Conditioner, my Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk to my hair in that order.

These products are realllyyy moisturizing! I love that they have some really yummy ingredients (eg silk protein and coconut water) but that they don't coat my hair at all. They are also full of emollients - light oils - that penetrate my strands and strengthen my hair.

2. I then don my plastic shower cap. This acts like the "tent" that keeps all the good stuff in. During the night, my body heat will aid in the absorption of the hair products.

And that's about it! (Oh and I do wash off my make-up before I sleep! Check out my daily make-up routine here.) In the morning, I take off my satin bonnet and plastic cap, and then proceed to apply some olive oil and shea butter to the length of my hair. This allows me to lock in all the moisture that my strands have absorbed during the night. Trust me, my hair SINGS HYMNS!



Have you tried the GHM before? What are your thoughts? How do you pack your hair with moisture? I'd love to know!!! 

As always, thanks for reading!