The Best Human Hair Wig For Natural Hair!!

Heya Luvlee!!

How goes it? I'm simply stoked to share the deets of this hair unit/ wig with you! As a naturalista, I am fully taken to styles that embrace my natural hair texture. And this unit is all of that and more!!

Check out this YouTube video to see me unbox and fit this wig!

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Below are the exact specs of this unit, including a DISCOUNT CODE just for you!! Yippee!!

1. Wig type/Hair Type: Glueless wig/ Italian Yaki

2. Cap Construction: Silk top, Full Lace

3. Length: 18" inch

4. Colour: 1 B

5. Cap Size: Petite

6. Lace Colour: Medium Brown

The staff at Classic Lace Wigs are really helpful! Winston and Maggie answer all your questions and they are really warm. Also, my unit shipped out in three business days. It came with a wig hanger as a gift..:-)

If you're interested in purchasing this unit, please visit here.

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"Whoa!! It's a dope wig but that price tag is heavy!! " (So you say!)

Well, truth is, I've spent a good amount of $$$ stoking up on units that I've never worn! My poor student's account is crying, I tell ya! This post, will hopefully guide you towards channeling your precious $$$ towards units that you will actually wear out and enjoy. (Rather than ones that you will store in your closet for aeons! I should show you my dusty collection! Sigh!)

Also, I cannot find it within myself to wear anything that is shiny and synthetic - I'm talking about blue-black (as in colour no. 1) , shiny-like-petroleum-jelly, reflective wigs that give you that rising hairline and hump on the crown of your head..! #Sttrruugggzzz!!!

Don't get me wrong, I've been through all the foolery of buying them - in fact, I stopped buying $30 units because, quite frankly, they last for two weeks, if worn daily. After that, they simply look like mops on your head, and can be a staaanky, matted mess! Not cool at all!!

Good quality wigs save you $$$ in the long run!

If you do the math, there's 52 weeks in a year. Of those, if you're using wigs as protective styles, you'll probably wear wigs for a total of 20 weeks. If you by a new wig every 2 or so weeks, you'll end up spending $450 - $600 on synthetic units that waste your money!

After, I did the math, I realized that my pocket would be happier in the long run if I invested in a unit that cost me $250-$300 upfront and that would last me upto 2 years! Yep, I'm all about budgeting! Check out this post that I did here on budgeting for your natural hair.

Have you tried wearing units (wigs) as protective styles?

I had to finish this post with a few disclaimers on why I wear wigs as protective styles in the first place:

1. Unlike weaves, sew-ins, wigs allow me to take care of my natural hair as normal.

Wigs are great because you literally throw them off (I daresay, like a hat), when you get home! LOOL! If you have a man, he might be shocked the first few times, but hey, isn't home where you're meant to be your truest self? Just wing it, and with time he'll adjust. (Not that I know of -I am an unmarried lady - but from what I've heard lots of men are now converts of the gospel of natural hair!) Being able to throw your units on and off, allows you versatility with your natural hair. You can keep up your hair regimen as usual so that your hair is thriving underneath.

2. I wear wigs as motivation.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't wear wigs to hide my hair. NOT AT ALL! I absolutely adore my kinks and curls! I know there's an army of naturalistas who'd gun me down for suggesting that wigs are a suitable protective style! Please hold your guns ladies! Yes, natural hair, for some, means fully letting go of anything that isn't naturally produced from your scalp - colouring, wigging, weaving, braiding, relaxing, get the drift?

Now, I totally agree with them. However, I do believe in wearing wigs that mimic our natural hair texture, as a way of intensive protective styling. Wigs that embrace a natural hair aesthetic can be beneficial to your journey in two ways. Firstly, they allow you to grow in confidence in wearing out your kinky texture. Secondly, intensive protective styling can improve our hair's health by giving our hair much needed rest from everyday styling. Check out this post here on protective styling. Check out this other post here on a series that I did on wigs as protective styles.

What are your favorite units for natural hair textures? I'd loove to know! Please leave me a note down below!

And as always, I'm sending you lots and lots of love and sunshine to warm you up!!!