2 Trendy Ways To Tie Your Turbans!!

Heya luvlee!

How are ya? I'm chill. Sun is shining, hair is laid. I have lots to be thankful for. :-)

Being that the weekend is finnnaaally here, I reckon you might be ready to throw on some pajamas, switch on that netflix series and just chiilll-aaxx. Well, this post is all about (hair) chill! Of course it is! Haha! You've probably figured out by know, that I love to chat about hair!

Turbans are a great way to give your hair some much needed chill - from manipulation, the weather, the elements... you name it! In this video, I show you how I tie my turbans. It literally takes me 30 seconds! In case you need some turban-styling ideas, be sure to check out this vid!

1. Deep condition on the go!

Deep conditioning on the go refers to using your body's heat to enhance the absorption of your deep conditioner into your strands. I deep condition on the go, all the time! In fact, I am doing so right now! I find that DC'ing on the go helps me get that much needed mid-week moisture boost. Check out this post here on a similar technique called the Green House Method. I love the fact that turbans keep you looking totally chic despite the fact that you're rocking a plastic cap underneath all that fabulosity!!

2. Add some umph to my style!

Hey, its the weekend afterall, innit?! It's time to shed off that monotone school uniform or office gear and chuck on some colourful, artsy and chic fits! Turbans take you from 0 to cool in 30 seconds. All you need is some "Aladdin" pants, a chic crop top, some gladiator sandals, a pair of stunning sunnies, a boho bag and of course your tuuurbbann!! You'll be turning heads for all the good reasons! #teamtoocoolforthiszone ! Haha!

(PS - Remember this post here that I did on how to tie a Badu turban?)

3. Protective Style!

Yep! At the end of the day, our top priority as lovers of all things hair, is to have our fros growing and thriving! If you're keen on length retention, keeping your hair protected is completely essential! Our hair thrives when it is protected for extensive periods of time. If you're experiencing lots of breakage, or have come from a period of extensive styling and manipulation, turbans can give you some much needed recovery time!

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope that you find time to truly chill - take some time off and breathe in and out! Oh and throw on a turban while you're at it!

LOTS of love and sunshine!