How To Use Vitamins To Maximize Your Hair Growth!

Heya sweets! 

When's the last time you popped a multi-vitamin? I sure do hope it was today morning! I've been doing some research on the uses of multivitamins for hair growth as well as for our general health and well being. It turns out that due to our fast-paced lifestyles, our regular diets do not give us sufficient nutrients. 


That's where multi-vitamins come in! Multi-vitamins fill in the nutritional gaps in our diets. This, in turn, boosts our immunity and, I dare say for the sake of le blog, our hair growth!! Yaayzers!

Now don't get me wrong! There isn't a pill or a potion in the world that will give you three inches of hair growth in three weeks! Don't be fooled my empty marketing luv! 

That said, multi-vitamins offer to boost our hair growth by:

1. Filling us up on the good stuff!

I get it. Not every one has the time nor the discipline to chow down 10 carrots every day in order to fill up on Vitamin A. That's the unfortunate truth - says the girl who is wearing spectacles as she's typing this out! We, ( I, especially), need to stock up on Vitamin A and D and E and C and get me! Multi-vitamins fill us up in one easy swallow!

2. Boosting our immunity!

Now that can't be a bad thing can it? Who wants to be snug at home nursing the flu when there's so much fun stuff to do outside?! By maximizing our nutrients, multivitamins bolster our immunity. A healthy body is more likely to produce a healthy head of hair! 

Here's how to use multi-vitamins for hair growth:

1. Take a daily multi-vitamin.

Best believe, I'm certainly not over 50 years old! This was the only pack available, and it had pretty much all the nutrients that I was looking for!

Best believe, I'm certainly not over 50 years old! This was the only pack available, and it had pretty much all the nutrients that I was looking for!

I've been through several different brands, but Nature's Way is the one that I am currently using. Not for any particular reason - it was just the only one at the Walmart near me. That said, it has some pretty good stuff in it. You definitely want to see some Zinc and Iron on the list of ingredients on your multivitamin of choice. If you can squeeze in Vitamin D, that's a plus!

2. Take B-Complex Vitamins

There are eight B - Complex vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12. They help give us lots of energy by converting our food into fuel. Each of these has its own unique properties, but they work best in tandem. B Complex vitamins are all-round super nutrients - they give us better skin, hair and even memory! Now that's a bonus!

3. Take vitamin C

Good ol' Vit. C! You can never go wrong with this! Remember that Scott's Emulsion advertisement that used to play ALL THE TIME when we were kids? It's Scott's Emulsion right? That orange stuff..yuuckk! 

Where was I? Yes, Vitamin C! Yes, this stuff is old as Scott's Emulsion, but it is pure gold. Vitamin C boosts immunity, provides prenatal support and protects against cardiovascular disease and wrinkling! I tell ya, on Vitamin C, you are bound to be forever 21! 

4. Take MSM

Now this one is not a necessity, but it sure doesn't hurt. MSM is fantastic. Simply fantastic! As the third largest nutrient in the body, it aids in our joint and bone health. It is also has antioxidant properties and of course, for the sake of le blog, it supports hair growth! MSM aids in the treatment of skin and scalp ailments such as dandruff, acne and psoriasis.

5. Take Biotin

I saved this one for last because it is quite the buzz! Biotin is fast becoming a favorite amongst lovers of all things hair. Biotin is found in popular hair growth aids like The Mane Choice and Hairfinity. That said, it's an all round nutrient - it balances our sugar levels, assists in the metabolism of cells and has been known to improve conditions such as hair loss and cradle scalp.

Before you go grab some vits...:

1. Please do your research!

This is just a very small snippet of vitamins that I have come across that are often used to "aid hair growth." Before you purchase any of these vitamins, please speak to your doctor. If you are pregnant or nursing, please exercise caution. Also, be wary of "hair growth pills and potions" that promise to grow your hair overnight! These are marketing gimmicks! Hair grows according to very predictable formula - find mine here.

2. Use what works best for you!

Don't just swallow multivitamins and go on with life - take time to see which ones work best for you and in what combination. It takes time to adjust to ingesting vitamins, so be sure to listen to your body. I didn't mention dosages in this post, precisely because everybody's system works differently. With sufficient medical advise and research, you should be well on your way to finding your healthy balance.

3. Continue to eat healthy, drink water and exercise regularly!!

Remember that good health is a lifestyle choice. No amount of supplements can replace your fresh fruits and veggies! Keep guzzling those litres of water and filling up on your fave salads! Natural foods always have the best vitamins.


1. Being that I am speaking on a sensitive topic - health and well being - I have to state that I am no medical practitioner or herbalist! Please be sure to consult a medical professional/pharmacist/clinician before beginning a vitamin regimen.

2. I have a preference for Nature's Made's Multivitamins. This is primarily because they are readily available, and I have used them without any issues. Please be sure to find a brand that suits you (and your pocket). 

3. I have not tried Hairfinity and The Mane Choice as hair growth daily multivitamins. Based on their ingredients, I find them insufficient and therefore unnecessary for my hair growth. Plus, they do have pretty hefty price tags!

Are you on multivitamins? If so which ones? What are your favorite brands. Have you seen consistent results in your hair growth? I'd love to know!!! 

Stay healthy...and oh! May our fros grow! 

Love and Sunshine

(Wannabe Dr.) Tabitha. :-)