How To Detangle Natural Hair! (Video!!)

Happy Tuesday pretty!!

I sure do hope that your week is off to a good start. Today, I thought I'd share my detangling process. I like to keep it reeallyy simple. In fact, this has got to be the simplest detangling regimen on the planet! This technique doubles up as an after-wash sealing technique and locks in my hair's moisture. Check out this post here on the LOC method.

Anyhooww...Here's a Youtube video of how I detangle my hair:

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Here's what you need to know about detangling:

1. Start with stretched hair:

Please, abeg-o! Whatever you do, do NOT try to detangle a shrunken fro. You might end up in tears or maybe even with a pair of scissors or some creamy crack in your hands! A dry shrunken fro = detangling DISASTER. Been there, done that, and writing a blog post now so that you don't have to suffer the trauma that I did. Lol!

After wash day, have your hair in some type of stretched style - two strand twists or three strand braids. You might even try the "banding method" or "African threading". Stretched hair is less prone to breakage and single strand knots or fairy knots.

2. ALWAYS detangle your hair in sections:

I have my hair in two-strand twists A LOT! Check out this video here to see my hair in twists. Alternatively, check out this post I did a while back on how I use two strand twists as a protective style. 

Detangling your hair in sections, literally keeps you from going insane! Unless your hair is under 5 inches long, I'd suggest tackling the mane bit by bit.

3. Use an emollient-based product. 



An emollient-based product is one that has a high % of oils. Alternatively, you can opt to use oils directly. I always reach for Olive Oil because it is a light weight oil that penetrates our strands. Oils help to reduce the friction between strands. 

4. Start from tip to root:

Begin by handling the most delicate parts of your hair first - the ends. Work your way up towards your roots. This is a proven detangling method amongst many naturalistas. 

5. Use your fingers!!

The array of brushes available for detangling is mind-boggling! Every entrepreneur worth their dime has patented the latest brushing technology that promises to make your knots melt away like butter. Don't be fooled hunneeyy!! Brushes are some of the worst hair tools invented for daily haircare use! (Check out this post here for my no-comb hair routine!) Brushes cause waayy too much friction. They can also cause excessive and unnecessary breakage. Our fingers are more than enough when it comes to regular detangling. If you must use combs, limit them to monthly or quarterly. You'll thank me later! ;-)

6. Be Patient!!!

Detangling is a A PROCESS! Make sure you allocate a couple of hours - it takes me 5 hours to fully detangle my hair from tip to root. (I do this about once a month). On detangling days, I make sure I have my netflix on - this makes an otherwise exhausting process, a tab bit enjoyable!

That is about it! Check out the Youtube video in this post for more details of how I detangle my hair. This process works really well for me - I've retained almost 17 inches of natural type 4 KINKY coily hair. My hair is also very very thick! Double win! 

What detangling methods work for you? I'd love to know! Leave me a note below! ;-)