How I Style My Curly Unit! (Video!!)

Heya Prettyyy!

How's it going? Happy end-of-week! I just thought I'd share a styling hack for old curly units. I bought this unit very cheaply online just before my big move to Ausi. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got here, so I wanted something quick and easy that I could throw on with little styling stress.

This unit is actually a half-wig, meaning that it's meant to be worn with a little leave out at the front. I wear it as a full wig (watch the video below and you'll see)!

Being that this unit cost under $40, it is no surprise that it started looking real old, reaaall soon! To gain some buck on it before I threw it out, I figured out a chic way to style it. 

Check out this video off my YouTube channel (Craving Yellow) for deets on how I style it!! 

Post-publish edit: 

If the video above doesn't play in your country, please watch this one below instead. It's all the same content, I just had to change some settings at the back end! ;-)