The Very End Of An Era: My Last Blog Post In America!!

Graduation Day is finally here. I'm crying tears of joy as I type this out. Tears of relief too, maybe. And some of anxiety and elation and longing and excitement. The emotions reign rampant and cannot be contained. 

I am eternally grateful to God for allowing me to get this far. I am so humbled by His faithfulness. 4 years ago when I walked onto this campus, I wouldn't have imagined that I'd be end up where I am today. It has been such a hard, fun, and excruciatingly amazing journey - I've missed my friends from Kenya and South Africa. I've longed for home, wondered why I'm in such an obscure part of the world. Wondered even, if the world needed me and if so, how. 

Has it all be worth it? It has. In Political Science classes, I learnt to listen to and respect the opinions of others. When I studied at Oxford for a year, I learnt to jump out of my comfort zone and plunge into unknown waters. In my shared accommodation with Mmas, Jen and Marcela I learnt humility and love. In spoken and unspoken conversations I learnt. In broken friendships, lost loves, hopeless crushes, I learnt. 

I've learnt to laugh at myself, discipline myself and forgive myself. I've learnt the sound of my own inner voice. I've learnt to work hard - I graduate with honors, 3 awards and three strikes on the Deans List. God is good, because it hasn't always been easy. But I'm humbled that the journey has strengthened me!

I share this with you in the hope that you too might be encouraged, wherever in your journey you may be. I could sit here with you for hours and tell you about all the struggles and joys of the past four years. (The tab on Self-Portraiture is packed with lots of this!). What I can say now, with surety, is this : all good things come to an end, all hard things come to an end. Difficult times are not forever. Neither are good times. But in whichever season we find ourselves, we must be fully present. Thanks for sharing in my journey. 

It's 6.44AM now. I have until 8.15AM to be out the door. Commencement begins at 9AM. 

I might be M.IA. for the next couple of days as I make all the moves that need to be made. Please bear with me. I'll see you on the other side!! 

Till then, love always and take care!