My Favorite Hair Wrap EVER, And A Date At Ribs and Burgers!!

Heya Pretty! 

How are ya? I'm doing well! I like to think that as our hair grows, so life goes. So why not share more than just our hair journeys? :-) So this here is just that : an update from the land down under! Yep! I'm in good ol' Aussie chilling with kangaroos and koala bears! Haha! I kid! I'm chilling with family as I prepare to continue my studies. Geek I am, geek I am. (This is the fourth country that I am moving to for further studies!! 0_o ) 

Melbourne is a beautiful city, I cannot lie. It's known for its delicious coffee and mouth-watering burgers. Melbourne's artsy, delicate and cozy cafes are perfect for an afternoon spent blogging or reading a favorite novel. I had my first cuppa cuppacino from MacDonalds and I was sold! If Mackers can get it right, you can only imagine what the "real" coffee shops have to offer. I'm bound to become a caffeine-head at this rate! 

Let's not even get started on the burgers! I visited Ribs and Burgers, a South African-owned meat-lovers haven! I'll let the photos do the talking!!

That head-tilt says it all right?

That head-tilt says it all right?

Ribs and Burgers' ambience is rustic and colloquial. You're treated to South African carnivorian delights: your glazed ribs and premium mince burgers are served on a chopping board and your fork, knife and napkin are handed to you in a butcher's pail-jug. The restaurant still maintains a family feel though - its cozy cubicles and low-hanging bulbs-in-a-jar make it a space open for all! 

(PS - Ribs and Burgers kinda reminds me of Colorado. Remember this post here?)

I reckon, that you're probably reading this post because you're a hair lover!! I won't hold the updo secret much longer. :-) I'm wearing a curly afro unit in a side puff hair wrap. (Look out for deets on this unit and updo coming up soon!) Also, you might remember this scarf from this post on a hair products haul, or from this behind-the-scenes posts. If you're into wigs, you might want to click here for a wigging series that I did a couple of weeks ago. 

Can we just agree that sunsets in Melbourne are absolutely stunning?! The sun's golden hues kiss my earth-toned skin ever so gently!! 

Oh before I pen off, I sure do hope that you picked up a few hair tips from last week's styling series. I've learnt that the single most important aide to length retention, apart from moisture, is styling!!

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Also, if you have any hair questions that you would like me to answer in upcoming blog posts, feel free to leave a comment on my latest Instagram pic here.

"Enjoy the good stuff now. While you can, with the people you love!" Sheena Easton.

Ciao!! :-)

Ciao!! :-)

As always, thanks for stopping by! 

Love and Sunshine to you and yours!!