My Biggest Hair Secret : I NEVER Comb My Hair!!

Heya pretty!!

Happy almost-hump-day!! How's your day been? Mine's been pretty fab: filled with the laughter and giggles of my nieces. I'm truly grateful! 

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, this week I'm pumped for a styling series. I thought that I'd share a few tips I have picked up along the way. As I've probably said a million times before, products don't grow your hair, good styling practices do. Yesterday's styling tip focused on low manipulation styles. Incase you missed it, please find it here. Today's styling tip is on COMBING. 

I have a confession: I comb my hair literally once a year. Yep. ONCE. I only comb my hair for my natural hair anniversaries. In case you missed this year's "Waist-Length hair BIG REVEAL" for my 4th natural hair anniversary in New York City, click here. To see my journey till present, click here. 

So where was I? Yes, combing! 

Have you ever wondered why dreadlocks grow forever? Well one reason is that the hair that sheds is not lost, but another is simply because locks don't need combs. Combs are some of the WORST hair tools to have in your beauty stash.

Also, do you have that ONE friend with REALLY long and thick hair who says she never combs her hair? Think about it, you probably do! Well, that's the secret behind their length!

Here's why:

1. Combs cause severe mechanical damage to your strands. They literally shred our individual strands to pieces, leaving them frail and tattered. Weak strands=lots of breakage=no length retention. This applies to our hair at all lengths including TWA!! (If you have a TWA, simply use a wide tooth comb and pat pat pat!! If you want to see some TWA styling ideas, click here.)

2. Combs are an invention of modern man. Yep! If you think about it, 200 years ago our grannies didn't have denman brushes and detangling brushes! They simply used their fingers, or at the most, very wide-toothed combing tools. 

How can you be a no-comb natural?

1. Opt for finger-detangling rather than brushing.

Our fingers are our greatest pals when it comes to natural haircare. Finger-detangling simply refers to the practice of frequently using your fingers to separate your strands and prevent them from knotting. It may take longer than brushing - it takes me a good 5 hours to completely detangle my hair once a month or so. But trust me, your strands will thank you!! 

2. If you must use combs, use seamless wide tooth combs.

Seamless combs are those whose teeth do not have that fine line of demarcation at which the pieces of plastic meet. These lines of demarcation can be razor-sharp and cause damage to our strands.  Seamless combs tend to be higher quality and therefore more expensive, but at the end of the day, they do save your tresses. Wide tooth combs are those that literally look like rakes! You want to have them as far apart as possible - literally 1/2 an inch or so! Type 4 hair does not do well with combs AT ALL!! 

The greatest secret to long 4C hair is uncombed hair! Yep! Uncombed hair does not mean unkempt, rather than wear an afro, you might opt for two-strand twists or matutas (three-strand twists). Styles like these keep your hair stretched and are low manipulation styles. 

If there's a hair tip in today's post, it is this: Put your comb down and use your good ol' fingers! The less you use combs in your styling regimen, the healthier your strands will be!

PS- Today's style is a very simple flower headband. I can't seem to get enough of flower crowns. In case you missed my post on "Sun & Flowers" find it here. I got this particular flower crown at a Forever 21 outlet in Washington, DC last summer.

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( Phew! Now that was a blog post and a half! :-) )

As always, 

Love and sunshine!!!!