How To Maximize Your Hair Length With Low Manipulation Styles!

Heya luvlee!!!

I sure do hope that your Monday is off to a pretty start! Mine sure is..! This week, I'm pumped for a styling series! Why styling? Because how you choose to style your hair is critical for your hair's length and health retention.

Your choice of hairstyle determines how much or how little you manipulate your tresses. 

My experience this far has taught me that the less you manipulate your hair the healthier it will be. Type 4 hair loves to coil and curl on itself and just stay put. Styles that allow you to keep manipulation to a minimum will GREATLY aid in the overall health of your hair. 

The first style in this series is "the laid-back natural". I describe her as the type of natural who hardly styles her hair in fancy updo's. She doesn't have the itch to try out the gazillion styles that the natural hair community offers and that's how she retains her length. 

Today's updo is the SIMPLEST there is in the lookbook! It's the roll and tuck pin-up. This style is definitely a classic. It reminds me of all those girls in high school who had realllly long tresses while some of us were struggling with pencil-width ponytails. Looking back now, I realise that it's because they mainly styled their hair in roll and tuck pin-ups! 

This style is great because:

1. It keeps your ends tucked away - less damage caused by rubbing on chairs or on your clothes.

2. It's still elegant and chic and delivers that feminine touch. 

I'm working this style on my straight (albeit shrunken) hair but it can be similarly worked when my hair is kinky. If your hair is currently in a coily/kinky/shrunken state, you might need to roll and tuck a little more and use a few more pins. The most important thing though, is to keep your ends tucked away as much as possible. 

Shall we? :-)

1. Start with a bright smile - don't forget to remind yourself how beautiful you are!! 

2. On this day I decided to try a side part.

3. I sectioned it off and rolled away, drawing my hair to the side. I really like how asymmetrical parts shape my face.

4. Pin pin pin away..:-)

5. I then drew my hair to the side and asymmetrically pinned my hair back.

6. I love how this style came out - the high-low feel adds some pazzaz to a REALLY simple and classic roll, tuck and pin-up style.

Keep your styling simple and I bet ya, you'll see some fantastic results! 

Have you tried roll and tuck pin-up's lately? What's been your experience. 

Love and Sunshine,