Video: What's In My Travel Bag? (HUGE Hair Products Haul!!)


Howzit going? I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! I sure am keeping well. I've had relocation on my mind for almost a month now hey? My move is coming together piece by piece. One of the hardest things, however, is choosing a few products to carry with me across the Pacific!! There's a gazillion products available in the US, so picking a handful was an exercise in precision!

Quite surprisingly, this selection wasn't all too hard! These five products easily made my staples' list. It was waaayyy to easy though  - as these are my all-time favorite hair products! I'd take them to the moon if I had to!!

Check out my top five list of hair products in my YouTube Video below. 

For more information on where you can purchase these products, click on the link below each image. 

Kinky Curly Knot Today Natural Leave-In Detangler

What are your top five products? I'd love to know!!! 

Love and sunshine!