I Found Yellow! (May 2015)

Yellow to me is a frame of mind. 

Yellow is laughter, light and energy. It's daffodils, sunshine and sunflowers. 


Craving Yellow is only 152 days (5 months) old! Yippee! I'm really excited that we made it through the month of May!! What an energetic month that was: fun-packed and full of activity! 

I found laughter...

Dear Doris, this one section of this post is just for you! Oh. My. Word. She and I have laughed long and hard many a day! To say that she has enriched and blessed my life would be an understatement. She's done much more. She's accompanied me on my blogging journey and is often the gal behind the lens. Check out my posts on "Sun and Flowers" and on Chimamanda Adichie's Americanah below. Yep! Doris is the gal with the eye for detail and dimension.

We've danced to Afro Beats in Lehman, almost missed our bus in New York because we were buying gyros, then devoured the gyros on the way back - down to the very last drop of lamb sauce. We've cried at the loss of a close friend, worried about post-grad life together and spoken lots and lots of Kiswahili. Oh trust me! We never miss an opportunity to shout "Sema! Sasa Mrembo!" ("Hey Beautiful!") across the student center. When you see your Kenyan homegirl, a simple hello in English, just won't do!


I found light...

...in knowing that time is fleeting. That days are long gone and this, this quaint little town that has been my home, shall soon be only a memory. I've found a deep sense of gratitude. A deep and settling peace. I realise that I have been tremendously blessed to be part of a warmly-woven community. Each person that I've met has taught me humility, discipline, love, commitment and perseverance. I'll never get over the idea that out of the 7 billion people whose paths I could have encountered, I met you. That you and I laughed and loved and dreamed and healed. I fed into you and you into me and so each of us is now the sum of the whole. And so...and so we shall never be truly nor fully apart... 

I found energy...

...In your warm words. In your DM's and emails and Instagram comments. In the notes that you leave me in the comments section below. I cherish each kind thought and each suggestion. Thank you for your faithful readership. In as much as I'm the one "sharing tips and tricks on haircare" haha! I cannot help but say that in many ways you now have become my friend. I write this blog in the hope that I can be part of your growth, but in many ways you too are part of my growth. Thanks for sharing, recommending, suggesting, critiquing and encouraging! 

...In chill sessions with Nicole and Yvonne - sipping on some orange iced tea as we soak in the summer sun.

...In Political Science shmoozing-over-wine-and-cheese events with other 1960 Scholars and of course, Prof. Munemo, the greatest Professor of all time.

...In dinner at Sushi Thai with my girls Mmas, Marcela, Jen, Neo and Felicia Wrae. These girls are the backbone that has held me in place. I cannot fully express how much they shall be missed.

...In your energy! These past three weeks have been packed with lots of activity on the blog. I've had three giveaways and 5 lucky winners have walked away with hefty gift hampers with some of my favorite hair and beauty products!! Congratulations ladies!! I can't wait to share the deets on the next giveaway! (Yep! Be on the look out for an announcement very soon!!)

In case you've been away, these are a couple of my favorite shots and posts from the month of May:




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I'm excited for the month of June. It shall be a month of transition as I make my way to Australia and settle down into a whole new life! Exciting times ahead - I can't wait to share all the yummy juice right here on the blog!


How has your month been? What are you looking forward to in the month of June?

Whatever your path, may you walk with laughter, light and energy!!

Love always,