Craving Yellow Feature on ZEDHAIR!!



I'm super excited that the weekend is finally here - not that I'll have much of one, but I just love the feeling of the weekend, don't ya!? Everything feels a TAD bit more festive! 

I'm just writing in with a quick update. I'm super humbled to have been featured by ZedHair on their blog and Facebook page! 

ZedHair is a wonderful and resourceful community of naturals based in Southern Africa. I loovee how global the natural hair community is. Where my South African sisters at? Kina Rumbi, Neo, Mmas? (I love shining the spotlight on my friends..haha!) 

Check out my feature here. 

Also, feel free to follow ZedHair on Facebook (they have a staggering following!) and since we are in the business of shameless plugs, feel free to follow Craving Yellow on Facebook too! ;-) 

Stay radiant and beautiful! 

Tabitha xx.