Protective Styling : My Favorite, Budget-Friendly, Synthetic Wig!!


I sure do hope you've found some wig-inspiration over the past few days! In case you missed it, here's Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

Lets get to the #slayage shall we? 

This unit is silky and synthetic. I bought it as part of an experiment, to be honest. Since I went natural, I stopped being a fan of this ultra-silky smooth beauty aesthetic, quite frankly because natural hair is a way of embracing oneself - kinks, coils and all. That said, while I do enjoy (and I mean ENJOY as in LOVE & ADORE) my kinks and coils, a little hair adventure never hurts. I'm talking coloring, straightening, locking and crotcheting. Sometimes its okay to wander off from the norm and have a little fun! 

This unit was it. Fun & Adventure. And lots of bobby pins!

1. I had my wig cap on. I show how I pat my hair down in Part One of this series.

2. This is how I put on my wigs. Back to front for me, is always easier. 

3. This unit had a pre-defined part. Now let me mention that it is a VERY synthetic unit. Meaning that whatever they call "LaceFront" is actually some really cheap plastic that kinda glistens in the sun! *Welp!* 

4. Upside is that it has an elastic band around the perimeter that holds the unit along your hairline- much like the wig I wore in Part 2 of this series. You want to have your wig align with your skin and lay as flat as possible on your hairline. Please hunneyy, no floating wigs - we don't want to look like our scalp is somehow pealing! Loooll!! 

5. The struggle with this unit though is its part! I literally used 15 bobby pins to hold it down in place and to keep it as flat and as close to my scalp as possible. Have you seen women rocking wigs with a "rising scalp". As in rather than lay flat, your wig rises to form a mini-mound on your crown? Hahaha! Strugggz of buying cheap wigs! 

6. This unit does have somewhat of a moon-shaped hairline. By moon, I'm talking round like the moon. Now we all know that nobody has a rounded hairline! Yet another (not)perk of a cheap synthetic wig!

7. That said, I would wear this to an evening event when I'm having a bad hair day or simply don't have time to whip my hair into something fancy. Remember how I said that the fake lace glitters in the sunlight? Honey we definitely can't be walking around with glittering parts in our hair! That's a no-no! Haha! The cover of darkness should help! 

I bought this unit here. It cost $40. I bought it in Colour no. 2. I wore it for this post "Sunshine & Snow" and have only won it once since then. So far I haven't experienced shedding or tangling, but with units like this, you're most likely to get a month's worth of daily use before it starts looking kinda crazy! 

Tada! This marks the end of this series! I sure do hope you've picked up a tip or two. Wigs are a fun and easy way to change up your style while leaving your natural tresses healthy and untouched. 

What are your favorite units? If you buy them online, please leave a link below - I'm looking to expand my wig collection! ;-) Also, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on wigs as protective styles, feel free to leave me a note below and I'll get to them asap. 

Sea, Sand and Sunshine!