Protective Styling : My Favorite, Naturally Curly, Synthetic Wig!!

Happy Hump Day!!

(PS - This is the second in a three-part series that I am writing on how I use wigs as protective styles. If you missed the first part, find it here.)

Aside from Kinky Straight units, I loooove curly units. Now this one in particular is synthetic. I bought it for about $30. Yep! Thank you Fadah for mass-produced wigs oh! 

The benefits of curly units:

1. They fit well with our hair texture and are believable! How many days have you caught yourself gasping at the sight of a dark skinned woman with some shiny shiny (I mean shiiinnyy) wavy locs that clearly aren't hers! Lool! #thestruggle! To be honest, I understand. Not because I've been in that woman's shoes but because curly units have not been available in many places. Thanks to the natural hair movement, there's loads more available. 

2. They are soooo easy to use!! This particular unit has combs in the front and the back that I snap in place and walk out the door. Easy breezy. 

3. The older they get, the better they look. I've had this particular unit for about 7 months. Trust me, the number of times black/African/African American women have said to me "Your hair is so beautiful". I'm like, "Alar?!! Y'all of all people should be able to tell that this isn't my hair!" I guess I'm a true wig slayyerr!! LOOL! ;-)

Let's slay this wig shall we? 

Disclaimer: I've had this wig for a while now. Before I wore it for the first time, I combed it out a little to make the curls less defined. This helps keep the unit from looking ultra-synthetic. That look ain't fly hunneey...unless you want to look your 70 year old Aunt who has jet-black-too-black-spring-perfect-curls-that-we-all-know-aint-hers! Loooll! (PS- I love my Aunts though.. wigs and all!)

This is how I wear it:

1. This particular unit is a half-wig. That means it has combs at the back and at the front. But I wear it as a full wig - meaning, rather than have some hair out at the front, I place the combs as close to my hairline as possible. Protective Styling = 100% Told ya I'm full of savvy little tricks! ;-)

2. I simply secure the combs at the back and at the front. It takes me 7 seconds in total. But actually!

3. I don't use bobby pins for this particular unit because it has an elastic band that holds it all down for ya! Whoever designed this unit like this, Aisee Thank You!!! 

4. And I'm done!! Whoop whoop! Now if that isn't ease, I don't know what is!

I wore this unit to school A LOT! It's great for busy-on-the-go days. I also wore it here.

This particular unit is available in all types of designs and colors. I bought it here. There are several sites that sell these units - and have international shipping! My trusted sites are and If you search for synthetic curly wigs you may find styles that are slightly similar to this one. 

Have you tried curly synthetic wigs before? If not, you might want to try one out!! 

Toodles! - as Regina Rae would say!! (I still find this sooo hilarious! Toodles rhymes with poodles!)

Ok Bye.