Protective Styling : My Favorite, Kinky-Textured, Human Hair Wig!!

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you're happy and in good spirits?! I'm so glad that I have finally come round to sharing this post with you! I have been meaning to share my wigging regimen forever!

First things first:

Why wigs?

1. Wigs (as opposed to weaves or crotchet braids) put less stress on my hair. I've had a weave once or twice and I cannot begin to tell you what an itchy mess it was! The first time, I had to take it out after two weeks. My scalp couldn't bear all that gummy Nairobi heat. 

2. Glueless wigs are a fantastic way to change up your style without manipulating your hair. Low manipulation = length retention. Whoop! Also, rather than take your hair through direct heat, applying it instead to a wig, will save you loads of heat damage. 

3. Wigs allow me to keep up with my regimen as usual. Have you heard some women say they haven't washed their hair in months because they don't want to spoil their weave? Well, not anymore if you make the switch to wigs! :-)

How to choose a wig:

1. Type of hair/length: This particular wig, is 100% Indian Remy Human Hair. It is 16 inches. I tend to go for a goal length so as to remind myself to keep taking care of my hair underneath the wig. I'm hoping to be 16 inches (waist length) when I have my next hair anniversary. Read more about how I set realistic length goals here. 

2. Price: I would break the bank for hair. I would. Sadly, my account won't let me! That said, buying a $30 wig every month amounts to $360/year spent on wigs. I'd rather invest in a good quality wig - say worth $250 or more and reap the benefits for two years! Now that's how to be natural on a budget!

3. Maintenance: I prefer kinky coarse textures to silky straight yaki textures. Firstly, because they are closer to my hair texture in the first place. Secondly, because they don't require a curling wand/gel/mousse every morning! Call me a lazy natural - but the simpler my haircare routine, the better for me. 

I'll be posting on two other types of wigs that I wear often, so stick around for Part 2 and Part 3 of this series. :-) 

How to use wigs as protective styles:

1. Start with clean dry hair. I follow through with my regimen and then braid my hair in two strand twists. 

2. Next, I direct my twists toward the back center part of my head.

3. Throw on your wig cap. It's greatly advised that you choose one that is close to your skin tone, if you intend on having your wig laid - that is having your part as natural as possible. If you have brown skin, there's no way you'd have a white scalp. Ya get me? Lol! Luckily for all the wigs I wear, I'm never going for a defined part, so quite frankly, if they had blue wig caps I could probably still wear them!

2015-03-26 10.26.22 1.jpg

4. Time to wig it! I usually align the perimeter of the wig with my hairline and then use bobby pins to secure it about 1/2 from the end of my hairline. This gives a more natural look. I pin it down with black bobby pins. I use about 5 along my hairline but feel free to use as many as you'd like to hold your unit in place! 

Tada! That literally took 3 minutes! Trust me when I say ease and simplicity. Kinky textured wigs are just about my absolute favorite protective style after my two-strand twists. 

Unit Specs: I bought this unit here. It is 1B/Off Black, 16 inches, bleached knots and medium cap size.

Have you used wigs as a protective style? If so, how do you like them? Which are your favorite ones? If not, why not take the plunge? ;-) I'd love to know!