4th Natural Hair Anniversary : The After-Party!!!

What a fantastic week its been! I've truly enjoyed celebrating my fourth natural hair anniversary with you! Thank you for all your warm words...you've really moved my heart I tell ya!

This post, the last of four that celebrate my natural hair anniversary, is what I like to call "The After Party! "If there's one thing I'm learning, its that we have to make time in our lives to celebrate ourselves and our achievements - big or small. Oftentimes, we are waiting on the world to congratulate us while we should be throwing our own parties and patting ourselves on the back! 

So this here, is just that. A girl and her icecream cone goofing around in a flower-filled park simply soaking in all of life - its flaws, mishaps, lessons, joys, traumas, triumphs and everything in between. 

"Enjoy the good stuff now, while you can, with people you love." Sheena Easton.

"Live enthusiastically. There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment." Norman Vincent. 

"I'm having a private party

Ain't nobody here but me, my angels and my guitar singing baby look how far we've come yeah!

I'm having a private party, learning how to love me...celebrating the woman I've become, yeah!"

India Arie.

I hope you take some time out to lick down a cone of icecream and play in the sun! Go ahead and bask in your own light, for you, you my dear, are none like the world has seen before. 

Love love love always!