4th Natural Hair Anniversary : The Process!!!

photography by doris mbabu

photography by doris mbabu


As you may probably be well aware by now, my 4th natural hair anniversary was this past weekend!!! (I'm still super excited and experiencing cases of blue sleep!!) Anyway, as I do every year, I celebrate my hairnniversary by having my hair professionally washed, blow-dried and straightened so that I can see my length. 

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This year, I went to a hair salon in New York City that specializes in natural haircare to have my hair done.  Check out the YouTube Vlog below for in-action snippets and scroll through for step-by-step photos to see the process I underwent!! :-)

YouTube Vlog


1. Shampoo, Condition and Detangle.

What a JOY it is to have someone handle your hair even if for a DAY!! Trust me, I soaked that head massage right in! The wash began with a moisturizing shampoo because I had pre-pooed overnight with Kinky Curly Knot Today's Leave-In Conditioner and Olive Oil. Pre-pooing strengthened and prepared my hair to better handle the heat. My hair was then conditioned.

Afterwards, my stylist wet-detangled my hair. I usually don't detangle my hair when it's wet, but she brushed through it and picked it out very gently to remove shed hair. Surprisingly, my hair didn't shed much! I have the pre-poo to thank for that! 

2. Blow-dry, Flat-iron and Slight Trim. 

We then proceeded to blow dry my hair. THE STRUGGLLLEEE!!! As you can see my hair is very coarse and coily! If you saw me in a fro, you'd never think that my hair was waist length! Lol! Also, since I only manipulate my hair this vigorously once a year, my scalp was throwing a fit! Tender-headedness was real, I tell ya! My hair follicles are used to chilling and doing their thing. But this time around, all the pulling and tagging put them to the ultimate test! I survived though. No combs broken, no tears lost! Hahaa!

HAIR TIP: The most important thing to do when you are blow-drying your hair is to attack the mane in sections, and to use a medium to low heat setting. This might take a tad-bit longer but it does save your tresses from additional mechanical and heat damage. 

And finally, the end result! 

The whole process took about 2 hours. My stylist was very patient with me - handling my coarse texture and current length requires stamina, but she's the real MVP I tell ya!!

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Coming up this week on the blog: more behind-the-scenes images, vlogs and (hilarious) stories of this eventful and adventurous fourth natural hair anniversary weekend!!! 

Love always!