4th Natural Hair Anniversary : Behind The Scenes!!!

Being a new blogger, (Craving Yellow is only 147 days old!), is not always easy but it sure is fun! My fourth natural hair anniversary was, by far, the most involving shoot I have done since I started off in January. And of course, as you could imagine there were lots of behind-the-scenes tales that didn't make it to the BIG REVEAL. 

So why don't we go right ahead and count down some of the funny, annoying, precious and plain-out hilarious moments that made this adventurous weekend all worth it!

10. Unforeseen delays!!

On our way to New York, our bus was delayed in Waterbury. Now, if you know what rural America is, you know that North-West Massachusetts is ushago! As in up-country! The only way out of my College town is by bus and ONE bus only. As if that's not enough, this bus meanders through all the tiny towns in neighboring States to pick up commuters. That means, that what would otherwise have been a smooth three-hour journey by private car, (easily) turned into a six-hour ordeal. Doris and I made the most of it though... we basked in the last rays of the golden sunset.

PS- Deep conditioning on the go under all those beanies! Loooll!! #naturalhair

PS- Deep conditioning on the go under all those beanies! Loooll!! #naturalhair

9. Walking around looking sassy, but praying that the wind doesn't blow off your kitambaa (turban) because....

...you're deep conditioning on the go! By this I mean: under that gorgeous orange kikoi cloth is a showercap covering my lathered-white-with-olive-oil-and-conditioner-hair!!! Hahaha!! 

8. Finding an infinity mirror and taking a gazzilion photos!

Trust me, I had to stop myself from posting 15 photos below! Infinity mirrors are oh-so-pretty! Girls love mirrors, now don't they? As I heard it said somewhere, loving oneself is sanity, not vanity! So the next time you find an infinity mirror, go ahead and take as many photos as you'd like!! :-)

7. Flagging down a taxi like a (wanna-be) New Yorker!

I felt accomplished I tell ya! Not that I'd never flagged down a NYC Taxi before, but more so that every time I do, I feel like I'm in a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie! The best part of the cab ride was getting to soak in the sights, scents and sounds of New York City. Such vibrancy I tell ya! 

6. Speaking of Hollywood, I ran into Tyra Banks!! 

...Well, kinda! She walked by me with a group of friends - one of her friends even said to me: "You look pretty!".  They then went on to sit on a bench right next to me. (0_0) I had no clue whatsoever because she was clad in camouflage - baggy black pants, a synthetic crop wig and big stunners. As I was shooting, two cyclists came by and asked if I had spotted Tyra Banks. They motioned to me that she was sitting right opposite us! I looked over, and sure enough!! There she was!! TYRA BANKS!! In the flesh. (Not on my TV screen!) Sitting just a few meters from me!! AAAH!! I hesitated to ask for a picture with her, and when I gathered enough courage, her boyfriend motioned to us that she wanted some privacy. :-( :-( The celeb life! That said, she's in many of my pictures at the Battery Park. If there was technology to blow up the pictures, you'd probably see her!! But until then..

5. Awkward photos...Really awkward photos!

...check out those ummh..er.. blue sneakers? ;-) Haha!

4. "Fantastic" Photo Bombs! 

That guy at the back that is lying on the grass was clearly feeling some Mombasa Raha or reminiscing about Uhuru Park! Haha!!

3. And really, really reaaalllly cute photobombs!!!

Such sweetness...*ggaahhh* #babyfever I tell ya!

2. Speaking of sweetness... 

I can't count the number of times people stopped to talk to me! It was flattering and humbling all at once!

One lady said, "I'd love to twirl too!" Three or four others yet, "I love your dress!" A few kids said to me, "You look like a princess!" I dare say, New Yorkers are a friendly bunch - surprisingly so! I like to think I brought a little yellowness into their busy lives! 

*Okay, Tabitha! Enough already! That princess vibe is giving me a big head!! Lol!*

But actually, I was moved..and humbled! 

1. Strange facial expressions. Oh yes! I have many of those! Lool!!

The "burst of excitement!" face:

The "what is life?" face:

The "I'm such a shade face":

Yellow flowers clearly bring out the shagz-modo (rural personna) in me!!! Such a poser, Tabitha, such a poser!

The "drama queen" face:

I must have been telling a dramatic story..#dramaqueen #okaynotreally #thoughmybrother #thinksotherwise haha!!

And of course that moment when your arm decides to do its own thing resulting in a rather  awkward stance! 

Haha! I'll redeem this photo and let it serve as my ta-taa wave! 

As always, thank you for reading! 

Oh..! Before I go...

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Coming up this week on the blog: The After Party!!!

Love always!