May OnyxBox Review!!

Happy Friday!! 

It's that time of the month again when I get to review my Onyx Box!! Wohoo! I'm excited about this month's goodies - they're perfect for prepping your hair for the summer heat - especially if you live in the northern hemisphere...! 

Let's begin shall we? 

1. OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter (Full Size)

This is one of the most luxuriously scented leave-in butters I have ever owned! It has light vanilla and coconut tones - the kind that wisk me away to sunny Mombasa with every inhale. This product is ultra-moisturizing and it melts right into my hair. It's light-weight too and dries clear. DEFINITE WIN!


2. OGX Healing + Vitamin E Penetrating Oil (Full Size) 

This is a very very light oil. It is very fast absorbing and doesn't weigh down my hair. Vitamin E is known to penetrate the strand and guard against breakage. Only con of this product is that it is not all-natural. It does have some "Red 17" and "Yellow 11". I'll probably use it on my synthetic units. (Check out my wig series here.)


3. Curl Keeper Textured Hair Styling Cream (Sample Size)

This product is fascinating. It has silk amino proteins - and therefore can be used as a protein leave-in conditioner. It also has nettle, kelp and sunflower extracts - these all promote hair growth. DEFINITE WIN!!! (Small con: It has a bunch of preservatives in it too though, so in case you are into all-natural haircare, this might not be for you.)


4. Curl Luxe Jojoba Mint Cleansing Tea Shampoo

This product has to be the DEFINITE WINNER OF THEM ALL! It is ALL-NATURAL, and specially formulated for kinky hair - ie my type of hair. Ingredients include Aloe Vera Juice, Glycine Soja Juice, Cocoa Butter and Rosemary extracts. It has no parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. Wohhoo!! This is what I like to see on my hair products' ingredients lists.

Have you tried the Onyxbox? It's a subscription service that allows you to try out a bunch of products for just $25 each month, (Only available in the US). If you're still trying to figure out your hair staples, the Onyxbox might be a good place to start! 

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Sadly, this is my last Onyxbox review for the near future...:-(  I'll be moving to Australia in the next three weeks, as I said here. I've been raving about it on the blog a lot and I'd love for you to be part of the three life changing events of the next three weeks.

That's why I am hosting THREE WEEKS OF GIVEAWAAAYYYS!!!

Last week's Giveaway with AJANI Handmade was a grand success. This week, I'm partnering with Plushique Store to get your hair and fitness right! To find out how you can take part in this week's giveaway, click here. 

In the meantime, why not treat your hair to some yummy May Onyxbox goodies?:-)

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