Natural Hair, Fitness & Waist-Training Featuring Plushique Store!! (Giveaway Closed)



I'm calling on all my ladies! Where you at? :-) 

This is a topic that is close to all of our hearts: weight gain/loss and fitness. I could write a whole book plus some on my own struggles with my weight and body self-esteem!! My fitness story is one that has had many highs and lows. Like many young women, growing into their adult bodies, I was perplexed at why my body loved to hold on to extra rolls of fat! Smh!

Looking back:

1. High school days: For some reason, we put the pressure on each other to be chubby. Girls with thick hips were the envy of all. Admittedly, I spent lots of pocket money buying crisps and buns in the hope of putting on a lil' meat. 

2. University days: When I came to America, the standards were flipped. Struggz! The standard was stick-thin and model-like with flat behinds and no boobs. Adolescent, if nothing else. You can only imagine all it took to shed the extra pounds - whatwith all the burgers, fries and icecream in the cafeteria. A real struggle. 

Where am I now?

1. Trying to focus on health rather than a number on a scale. Let's just stop for a second and acknowledge how difficult it is to do that! BMI's and inches round our waist can be difficult numbers to swallow, neh? (Can I get an amen!!!)

2. Trying to build consistency. Waaahhh!! This one is difficult. I cannot tell you the number of times I have written out a detailed plan of how I'll exercise twice a day and not touch a plate of fries or have any dessert. Only to cave in 10 days into my rigid regimen! Sttrruuuggzz! Now all I am aiming for is 1 hour of exercise a day. 

3. Portion control. Let me take a sip of water before I proceed. Word! This is the secret that all fitness gurus claim is the key to keeping weight off. I'm pretty good at eating till I'm satisfied, but I've found that waist-training helps. 

What? Waist-training?

Yep! I jumped onto the Kim K wagon (***there begins and ends my admiration of Kim K***).  At first I was skeptical because I thought waist-training was a shortcut to fitness, or even worse a way of shifting your organs around to get an hourglass figure. Yikes! I did my research though, and it turns out that waist-training is beneficial when accompanied by a robust exercise routine.

I wear my sports latex waist trainer for four or so hours a day, and also occasionally when I weight-train.

1. I've found that it helps me eat less. I'm not saying not eat at all! Eat less, as in, I get and stay full on less food. 

2. I've found that waist-training is a constant reminder to keep fit. Whenever I put on my latex band, I am inspired to care for and love my body more.

3. Wearing a latex sports cincher helps me sweat a lot. The more I sweat, the more toxins I lose. I keep as hydrated as I can. 

Wait, what about your natural hair?

Now you know I couldn't leave out this important bit! Thank God for natural hair because now we don't have to worry about sweating out a perm! Lool! 

1. I sweat a lot when I exercise - meaning that I need to do a mid-week co-wash once/twice a week. Check out my regimen here. 

2. In terms of styling, I keep my hair in two strand twists and throw on a light beanie (especially if I have been wigging it and my hair looks a hot mess!) When I'm at the gym, I'm focused on getting healthy - so I always have sura ya kazi (a serious face!) Sometimes you have to endure periods of looking a little ratchet in order to look really nice at other times! Lol!

3. I keep the ends of my hair away from my shirt. Remember that the oldest parts of your hair are the weakest. Keeping them tucked away means that they don't endure friction and also that they don't soak up all your salty sweat. 

That's pretty much it for my natural hair and fitness routine. You know, though, that I am in the mood for GIVIIINNNGGG!!!! 

As I mentioned in this post here, Craving Yellow is on the GO! With three life changing events over the next three weeks, I'm hosting three weeks of GIVEAWAAAYYS! Yaayy!! Last week's giveaway ended yesterday. Find out more about it in this post here. 

This week, the team at Plushique Store Kenya graciously offered to give a latex sports cortex to one lucky winnneerrrr! AAAhh!!! All you have to do is follow the instructions in this photo and repost it on your instagram. (If you don't have Instagram, don't worry, stop by next week for a suprise! ;-) )

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2. This giveaway opens on May 19, 2015 and closes on May 25, 2015.

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What's your fitness regimen? What are your fitness goals? I'd love to know! 

To our health,