Funny Forgotten Footage From My 3rd Natural Hair Anniversary!!

We made it to Furahi-Day (Happy Day i.e Friday) !! 

This week has been one fraught with lots of emotion - anxiety, excitement, sadness, fatigue - all wrapped up in one! This was my last full week of undergrad and today is actually my last day of classes. HALLELUJJAAHH!!! 

Other than being (too) stoked about wrapping up things here, I'm (maaad) excited because:

(Drumrolls pleaasse....!!)

My 4th natural hair anniversary is next week on 23rd May 2015!!


It's that ONE time of the year when I get to straighten my hair and see my true length. Yipppeeee!!! I am eager to see how long/healthy my hair is. I shared my hair growth "formula" in this post, so I'm anticipating 15 inches of hair. Also, if you'd like to see how far I have come, feel free to check out the posts I have under the tab "Hair" -> "Hair Journey". As I said yesterday, nimetoka mbali (I have come from far!). 

Here's how I'm prepping for my hair anniversary next week:

(I know, I know! Call me hyper-organized, if you will. After all, I have an entire week to go right? But I'd rather say, I AM EXCITTEEDD!!! :-) It never hurts to plan early, now does it?)


1. I dry detangled my hair thoroughly last week. It took my five hours. I'll be sharing my process soon.

2. I'll do a strengthening henna treatment this weekend. You can read my henna recipe here.

3. On the night of the 22nd, I'll drench my hair in water, Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner (golf-ball size), and Olive Oil (2 tblspns) just as showed in this video on how I prepoo my hair.


 I called to make an appointment at a hair salon in New York City and my appointment is for 11am. My stylist's name is Melissa. I'll share all the details of the process, as the salon allows me too, on my blog in the next few days.


Now in typical blogger fashion, I have already picked out my outfit(s) and shooting locations. I'm planning a weekend's stay in New York too at one of my bestie's apartments. I'll be documenting each step of the process and sharing my anniversary with you right here on my blog and on Instagram. Wohoo!!

I'd love for you to be part of these exciting times!!! Here's how you can join in the fun:

 Submit an entree into any one of the three giveaways that I'm hosting from May 11th - May 30th.  Please check out all the details of "Three Life-Changing Events, Three Weeks of Giveaways!' here. 

NOTE BETTER: The first giveaway featuring AJANI Handmade is almost over!! Lots of naturalistas have taken part, and they all stand the chance to win a fantastic gift hamper c/o AJANI Handmade. For details on how you too can take part in the giveaway, check out this post here. 

And now, of course, for a little hair fun:

(Kip took this video of me last July when I had my hair straightened for my three year natural hair anniversary.) 

Feeling mad excited and jitterryy..aahh!!