I Found Yellow! (April 2015)

Yellow to me is a frame of mind. 

Yellow is laughter, light and energy. It's daffodils, sunshine and sunflowers.


Craving Yellow has been live for 4 months!! 121 days to be exact!! Wohooo!!! The month of April really flew by and what a month it was - looking back I am truly grateful for all the fun, laughter, pain and humour that has formed part of my journey. 

I found laughter. 

I laughed long and hard when I submitted my thesis! 28,198 words. 104 pages. I laughed all the way to my bed. Needless to say, my bed is my new bestfriend! I might also qualify as a life-long member of Netflix. Many a night I've finished entire seasons - Empire, Scandal, House of Cards. You name it, I've watched it! (My brother is the real MVP for paying that monthly bill. Bless him.) I am loving this chill mill post-thesis life!! 

Can I mention how many smiles I've gotten from my lemon water and Rituals Apple Cinammon Herbal Tea? A daily must have! My intestines feel so cleannnnn - yes, I am one of those weird people who can feel their intestines! Lol! 

Speaking of rituals that make my insides smile - I'm slowly getting addicted to Spring Street Market's Happy Chick Sandwich. That pun is all too accurate. I don't know if its the sour dough bread or the Avo and Chipotle Chicken. Mouthwaterin' I tell ya!

I found light. 

I was part of my University's African Student Association's heritage week that had the theme "Celebrating African Women." My friend Doris and I were asked to be part of a seniors' panel. We shared the gems of wisdom we had painstakingly collected over the past four years. The content of our discussion spanned studying in England to cooking African dishes in our freshman year! It was a fantastic event! Sigh, I'm a granny now...I can't believe I only have 37 days left! Eeekkk!!!

On that note - Doris deserves a special shout-out. She's been my Kenyan partner in crime from day one. She's been with me in Nairobi, London and Williamstown. (PS - We have a big project lined up for New York in the next few weeks! I'm so excited!) Doris gets my creative process so well. She echoes so many of my sentiments. She's a gem. Bless her.

In the course of heritage week, I met Amy Sall. Check her out here. She's full of awesomeness. Her initiative SONU Journal is daring and timely.  

I found energy.

I attended the Nile Project Concert. The Nile Project is a consortium of African musicians from countries that straddle the Nile. The project uses music to promote peaceful dialogue and cooperation as well as to raise awareness about the environmental challenges facing the Nile Basin. 

I have been completely hooked to Asa. This womannzz is LIFE. Word. I've listened to her music for almost 8 years - trust me I know her songs word for word. (Should I tell people that I speak Yoruba when they ask how many languages I speak? Okay fine, that's stretching it! Lol!)

In fact, as I type this out, I'm listening to her album Bed of Stone. Listen here. 

Where shall the month of May take us? I wonder!? Not so much though! I have lots of good stuff in store for you this month! I don't want to spill the beans just yet.. but I promise lots of smiles! ;-)

Before we get into May, here's a recap of my favorite shots from my April posts. 

How has April been for you? What are you looking forward to in May? I hope that we find laughter, light and energy regardless of what life throws our way!! 

As always, many, many, many thanks for keeping me company and for commenting, sharing, critiquing, reading and following Craving Yellow!!

Wishing you sunshine and endless, blue seas,