Easy Easter Style : The Crowned Queen!

Hey! Happy Easter Monday! 

I hope you had a wonderful break. This is the last in a series of three hairstyles that are my top picks for this festive season. I particularly love this one because it is simple but elegant. Seriously, simplicity is underrated! Sometimes taking it old school (as in literally, to our high school days) is the answer to a bad hair day. Low ponytails are perfect for an office setting, a classy evening event, a day running errands, a movie-marathon-night-in..can we just say EVERY OCCASION? 

Here's my variation: 

1.  I finger combed my hair backwards. ( 4 C hair has no chill. My hair is literally levitating! I just love how our hair defies gravity!)  

2. I then used an ouchless band to hold it all back.

Now if you want a simple and classic look, you can leave it here. This updo speaks of discipline, restraint, modesty, strength, character, class and effortless style! It is strong military-esque and meek secretary-esque all in the same breath! 

I love how it draws attention to my facial features. (Yess hunneyy...! :-) )

Now, if we want to elevate our styles like the self-respecting divas we are.(...hihi!) we can add a hair accessory. I'm loving this matching pearl head and neck-piece set. I think they go perfectly with the tiny-winy flowers on my dress. 


Happy Easter wherever you may be! 

LOVE LOVE and more LOVE.