April Beauty Favorites : Scents, Creams, Scrubs and More!!

Happy Happy Hump Day!

Today has been filled with lightness. I woke up energetic, grateful and content. There's lots I have to be grateful for - life, health, friends, food, shelter, motivation, disappointments, laughter, tears - and all the other things that make me human! I hope your day/week is turning out to be fruitful!

Speaking of fruitful, I can't help but notice all the fruity scents I have lined up in my April beauty favourites list! Maybe it's because spring is in the air on this side of the world? I tend towards buttery notes most times of the year but it never hurts to be carried away by the wafts of the season! 

These products made my April a little more sunny:

1. Body Care: Bath & Body Works Satsuma Body Butter 

This body butter is a citrusy, enlivening cream that melts right into my skin. It is ultra-moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling supple to the touch. My friend Mmas gave this butter to me as a gift, maybe that's why its a little close to my heart! This butter packs a fresh, sweet and pungent push for days when I need a little umph to get me through.

2. Make up : Gold Deposit by MAC

If you checked out my make-up routine, you've probably figured out that I'm a MAC girl. I am absolutely loving Gold Deposit - it's a shimmery golden dust that I apply to the highs of my cheekbones and to the arch of my brow for that extra sultry glow. 

3. Scents : Bath & Body Works' "Mad About You" and Paco Rabbane's "Lady Million"

I've had a love-hate relationship with my Mad About You Body Cream from Bath & Body Works. This particular scent is overly multi-layered and complex - it has hints ranging from strawberry and black currant to  jasmine, vanilla and amber wood. Frankly, I tend to enjoy lighter scents. That said, I have found myself reaching for this cream more and more often this month. It's great as an afternoon refresher after running morning errands and a little goes a long way. 

Paco Rabbane's Lady Million has been another April Favourite. My friend gave me this perfume as a gift last year. At first I found it a little too audacious but with time, I've taken to its woody-floral scent. I wear it when I want to exude a subtle understated confidence.

4. Shower care : Shea Moisture's Olive & Green Tea Hand and Body Scrub w/ Avocado and Raw Naked Wild Honey

How do I describe these products? You know that moment when Mariah Carey hits the highest C note on the piano and chills rush down your spine? That's the same sensation I get from these products. Pure bliss. Shea Moisture features rather prominently in my hair regimen and truthfully, their skin care products are just as luxurious. Once a week, I do a full body scrub and then rub raw honey onto my skin before my final rinse in the shower. I tell you, my skin sings hymns! I literally hear my skin falsetto in delight! 

These are a few of my favorite things!!!

What are some of your favorite beauty products? I'd love to know! ;-)


(PS- I've been meaning to sign off like this FOREVER..! Who's that TV presenter who always signed off her cooking shows like this? Lolllzz!!)