My Daily Make-Up Routine : Products, Brushes, Techniques and More!!

Happy Monday!

I hope you are holding up together as we take on this new week with full force. Last week was a hard one for me, but this week I am ready to power through with joy, light and energy! 

What better way to KICK off than with CAKE? Get it? Kick - Cake? Yes, no, maybe? No? Okay I'll keep it moving. 

While I do love to strut it au naturale, I can't help it - I love the cake too! In other words, when I'm not scouring the internet for hair tips, you'll be sure to find me on YouTube trying to learn how to shade and blend! We all know the lingo, don't we!

Trust me, I'm no guru when it comes to make up. Everything I know has been as a result of trial and error, but since some of y'all asked.. this is my "very basic" routine. 

(Step 0: Start with a clean face. While you're at it, remind yourself how fantabulously gorgeous you are!! Every dark spot is where it's supposed to be hunney!) 

1. Moisturize and Prime

My Moisturizer of choice is MAC Prep and Prime Moisture Infusion. 

My Primer of choice is MAC Prep and Prime Natural Radiance.

I rub the product into my face in upward, circular motion.

2. Dem Brows Boo!!

Brows are the beginning and end of one's make up game. I never used to believe this, but after lots of hours at YouTube University, brows are EVERYTHING. They cannot be thread thin, to arched or not arched at all, too dark, a different shade than your natural hair colour, tatooed on or shaded in like a rectangle! Oh Lawd!! No no no! 

I'm no pro, but I shade them in with eye pencil, and then mark them out with a cheapie drug store concealer that is one shade lighter than me. Neatening up my eyebrows is essential!! 

My friend Tapkili said to me once, brows are meant to be sisters, not twins! That said, symmetry is key!

3. Highlight and Contour

This is another essential. I used to go right on ahead and apply my foundation, but I realised that contouring gave my face that extra umph and dimension. I darken the parts of my face that I want to recede (hollows of cheeks, and sides of nose) and highlight the areas that I want to catch the light - bridge of nose, highs of cheeks and forehead. 

I use MAC's Prolong wear Concealer in NW 50 for my contour and MAC's Prolong wear Concealer in NC 42 for my highlight. 

4. Blend it all in

I blend it all together using my MAC's Studio Fix Fluid in NC50. I use an ELF Powder Brush and apply it in circular upward motions, till all the demarcations are fully blended. 

Below, I also went ahead and applied my eyeliner - I use Maybelline's Eyestudio Gel liner. I also applied some falsies - I tend towards Ardell's Wispies. For Mascara I used Maybelline's Feline. 

4. Set it. 

Next, I apply Ben Eye Banana Powder on my under eye area and on the sections of my face that I highlighted, and Covergirl Bronzer in the areas that I contoured. I then blend it all in using MAC's mineralized skin finish in Deep. 

I then apply a light golden hightlight on my cheekbones and on the arch of my brow. I always reach for MAC's Gold Deposit. For my blush, I also use one of my MAC blushes. At the moment, I absolutely love MAC's Ambering Rose. 

4. Puckerrr up!!

This part of my routine varies, although I have been reaching a lot lately for my Nouba in No. 46. I'm getting tired though, because its actually quite drying. I love my MAC and NYX lippies. For this look, I reached out for one of my NYX ones - can't seem to find it as I type this out. 

5. Freshen and Finish

I always want my make-up to look polished rather than caked and overly matte. So to finish it all off, I use MAC's Fix +. 

PS- I use mostly sigma brushes. I still have loads more to learn about make-up. So please, leave your tips/fave products below and let's help each other out! ;)

I threw on a yellow turban over my matutas - three strand twists and then put on some netflix. Oh yes, it's perfectly okay to look good for no one but yourself!

As always, thanks for stopping by!