April Onyx Box Review!!


Spring has FINALLY arrived: my days are filled with sunshine. Believe it or not, my legs actually got to feel the wind after almost half a year of being tucked away in boots! Needless to say, the air seems a little fresher and conversations just a tad bit lighter. Living in the Berkshires isn't so bad after all! 

With spring's purity so pungent, We Are Onyx's April Box arrived just in time. I've been wearing my hair out a lot more lately, and this months goodies feature lots of products to give you a drool-worthy twist-out! 

The #DoYouBox features full size products from the Lottabody hair care line:

1. Shape Me Custard Gelee which offers long-lasting hold and tames frizz. This is the type of product I'd use for a perm-rod set. 

2.  Love Me 5-n-1 Miracle Creme that offers heat protection, tames frizz and helps in the process of detangling and conditioning. I'd use this for roller-sets that require the use of a hooded dryer.

3. Wrap Me Foaming Mousse. Now this is the type of product you need for your straight styles. If you've recently had your hair straightened and want to keep your sleek game on fleek, this will do the trick. 

*Okay, end of rhyme game! Lol!*

4. Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk that defines curls, adds moisture and brilliant shine and tames frizz. I would use this just after a wash, while my hair is still slightly damp. I think that it offers a lighter hold for twist outs or braid outs. 

5. Control Me Edge Gel that is non-flaking, moisturizes and strengthens and is non-sticky, non-hardening and non-greasy. 

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know about my genetically sparse edges. As I've said, no amount of castor oil will grow my edges out because, in the first place, I don't even have enough hair follicles along my hairline from which the hair can grow. Struggz!

While I like to leave my edges "untamed" because that in many ways is part of the beauty of 4C hair, I was eager to put my Control Me Edge Gel to the test. This was my process:

1. I was preparing for an early morning class, so I wanted a simple style that would only take a few minutes of my time. I opted for a bun. Notice that my edges are just as they grown naturally. I didn't brush them back. 

2. I added a pea-sized amount of Control Me Edge Gel to my baby hairs. 

3. I lay them edges down with my Lottabody satin scarf for about 5 minutes. Now this satin scarf is sooo smooth! I really like it!

4. Were my edges laid? You tell me. I say, yes! Next time I might add a little more product and use a finer brush to really sleek them back, but quite honestly, I loved my results. This gel is not heavily scented, and it doesn't dry white. Lawd knows the number of times I have been in a conversation with a woman and I can't even focus, because I'm trying to figure out her over-flaky, greyish-white edges! Lol! 

So there you have it! You might want to try the Onyx Box if you are in the US. Especially if you are hungry for a new assortment of products but need a professional to do all the choosing for you. We Are Onyx seems to be pretty good at that!

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Love, peace and sunshine!