Easy Easter Style : Simple, Classic Chic!

Happy Easter (well almost!) :-)  

I sure do hope that your week has been fantastic this far! 

I've had Easter on my mind for a while! Easter is that breather right after the wear and tear of acute brokeness in January, to settling into the new year in February and March. In preparation for this quarter-year festive season, I thought I'd do a series of styles that you can rock to any event be it a party or dinner.

This is one of my favorite styles eveerrrr...! It literally takes you from 0 to 100 in three minutes! 

Shall we?

1. Start off with an old twist out or stretched out fro.

2. Section off the front. I don't use combs on my hair, so I just used my fingers to mark out the section. Oh the joys of 4C hair!

3. Roll and tuck and tuck and roll. Use bobby pins to secure your hair accordingly. My hair catches on itself a lot, so I only use three or so pins! 

4. You can leave your hair as is in this state and rock a side bang...

5. Or take on the glory of a side pompadour..

...(Roll, tuck and pin)...

...(Rock, tuck and pin)...


....side view...

...other side view...

PS- Floral Dress was shamelessly thrifted from Marcela's closet! What are friends for? ;)

Necklace and Earrings from Primark (UK)

There you have it luvlee! 

Go on, be fanta-bulous!