Use This Hair Growth "Formula" To Set Realistic Length Retention Goals!!


How's your week been? Mine has been fraught with so many ups and downs, it literally felt like a 10 day week! Word! Anyway, blogging is a fantastic outlet so why don't we let out some of the steam together and talk about HAAAIIRR!! :-)

One of the struggles of having natural hair is that you often have to cut off your relaxed tresses, ie do the big chop! Having short, natural hair can be hard to adjust to, not only because long hair is somehow considered more appealing/effeminate but also because you're adjusting to managing your new hair texture. Trust me the struggle is too real! Some naturals have taken to wigging it, or some to serial braiding, to get out of the awkward TWA phase. I found that setting hair goals really helped me stay motivated. 

This has been my growth journey so far...excuse the variation in the photos. These are from the archives..circa Before Craving Yellow! LOL! You know I keep it real! 

This was my first year natural hair anniversary. I had been growing my hair for about 11 months. I had 4-5 inches of hair, and my hair was ear-length/shoulder-length. 

This was a random day in November 2012. I had been growing my hair for about 16 months. I had about 6 inches of hair - but it was clearly starting to thicken out! :-)  In this pic, I had tried to blow dry my hair on my own using the tension method. Hence the scraggly ends. Let's just say I grew a muscle! Laawwdd! Never again!


This was my two year hair-niverssary. I was at about 23 months of natural hair care. I had about 8 inches of hair, and was almoooostt at armpit length. My scraggly ends were trying the most. Hahaha! I had stubbornly refused to have my stylist trim my ends in the name of keeping length. Looking back, it was not worth it. A trim was CLEARLY needed. 

This was my hair at about 30 months of natural haircare. I had about 10 inches of hair in this pic. I had my hair straightened and trimmed off 1-2 inches. I was fully at armpit length.

This was the day of my third year anniversary - at about 36 months natural. I had had my hair professionally straightened. When my curls were held taught, my hair was fully at bra-strap length. I had about 12-13 inches of hair after my stylist trimmed off 1.5-2 inches of dead ends. 

I did an informal length check in January this year, and I am mid-back length now. My fourth year natural hair anniversary will be a little early this year, in June. I'll be 47 months natural and I hope to be waist-length - for me that is 16-17 inches. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

So in 47months/4 years, I will have retained 16-17 inches and trimmed off about 6 inches over the course of that time. That means in a year, I grow about 5.5 inches and trim off 1.5 inches, leaving me with 4 inches/year of healthy hair. I set realistic length goals using this simple formula. 

I hope this helps, I'd love to know what you do too, so leave me note if you'd like! 

Enjoy your weekend! ;-)