Craving Yellow Feature On "She's Got Nigerian Curls"!!

Happy Hump Day!!!

How goes it for you?? My morning is off to a fantastic start..! I just received the sweetest email from Tess (you know yourself!) that made my day and more! Thanks girlie!!! 

Also, I connected with Karina who runs a blog on haircare called Karina is Nigerian and she's based in the UK. Now I have a special place in my heart for my African sisters, because we go waaayy back. 

*Glean this video of me in high school. Brace face and all. My moment of fame (read shame) starts at minute 5. 07 but my mates are also hilarious!!*

I digress though! Karina reached out to me and asked if I was interested in sharing my journey with her readers! Of course I said yes! Sharing is caring! 

*Cheesy but true! :-)*

She asked me such interesting questions : 

1. When you have your natural hair out/when you first went natural, is/was there a reaction from family or friends, especially those from the same country you’re from and/or when you go back to your home country.

2. It’s common for us to have our hair permed at a young age by those caring for us to make our hair more manageable. Why wasn’t that the case for you?

Find out how I responded to these questions here: 

Also, if there's any question that particularly resonated with you, please don't hesitate to drop me a note! 

L O O O O V V E E ! !