Craving Yellow Feature on "Kayi Ni Afrika"!!

What do low buns have to do with books, podiums, monochrome skirt suits and geeky glasses? Well, many things! At least in my life! Here's how:

Olivia of Kayi ni Afrika reached out to me to find out more about my hair journey and to get to know me a little bit outside of the blogosphere. To say the least, I was deeply humbled! She asked a really pertinent question that had me excited about Africa's rising trajectory. She asked, if I had the opportunity to change Africa, what would I do and why? 

If you'd like to read what I shared with Olivia, please read it here:

Kayi ni Afrika is a pot of yummy goodness! Olivia covers a diverse range of topics from protective styles to delicious recipes and African rhythms and beats. I'm truly blessed to have connected with my East African sister from Tanzania!

PS- If you've known me from before I started blogging, well you know that "education" is my middle name. I am really passionate about expanding educational opportunities for needy students from informal settlements in Kenya. I started a book-donation project called Project: A Book for Change that has helped bring this cause to fruition. (The thumbnail picture of me in  a low bun on a podium was taken during our last book donation ceremony in April last year). If you'd like to find out more about Project: A Book for Change please read about it here: