How To Use Two-Strand Twists for Length Retention!!

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Happy Hump Day! 

We made it to midweek! Today, I'm simply grateful for the gift of sight. What a different life we'd all have if we didn't have the ability to simply read words off a screen! 

Today's words-on-a-screen a.k.a blog post is about my obsession with two-strand twists. Two strand twists are also known as "twists" in Kenya. I've also heard them referred to as "rope twists" in the wider natural hair community.

My two strand twists regimen consists of rocking twists for extended periods of time as a protective style. 

How I do this:

1. Simple. Once a month, I undo each twist, finger-detangle and re-do it on the spot. 

2. On the day of, I follow through with my complete regimen till my twists are 90% dry. 

3. As I'm doing this, I chuck on some Netflix and un-twist and re-twist away. 

4. The whole process took me 1-2 hours when I was newly natural. Now because my hair is longer, it takes about 5 hours! *Yikes!*

Note: I don't add any additional "twisting" product. To be honest, 4C hair has enough friction to hold a twist. Twisting products tend to be drying because they are infused with chemicals meant to hold the hair in place. Now we all now 4C needs ZERO help when it comes to holding its place! Lol!

During my third year of haircare (July 2013- July 2014) all I did with my hair was deep condition and twist! Only because I was in an intense academic program and didn't have much time on my hands. 

*Please realize that all footage was before I knew I'd be blogging about my haircare! Lol! I'm still a self-respecting diva! Hhihi!) *

Why two-strand twists are fab:

1. They minimize mechanical damage to my hair through excessive combing or "hand-in-hair-syndrome".

2. Allow for me to effortlessly follow through with my weekly regimen, as opposed to weaves or braids with extensions. 

3.They are versatile and so easy to style! You can wear them down, in a bun, or low pony. You can even throw a wig cap over them and put on your favorite wig for a change of style.

And now for some really embarrassing pictures. I keep it real for y'all!

Have you tried two strand twists before? 

Have a wonderful day!