How Best To Care For Your Hair In Extremely Hot Or Cold Weather!

Well hello!!

If you live near the South or North Pole, you can testify that the weather has been maaaad brutal!! Actually, the equatorial regions have also been having some pretty high temperatures! Quite frankly, mother earth has been up to something! Anyway, I'm not here to be a geographer or to give the global weather forecast, but rather to share some tricks I use to keep my strands moisturized in all types of extreme weather!! :-) 

First things first, to grow long healthy hair, hydration is KEY!!

There's two main ways by which to ensure your strands are hydrated regardless of your weather situation:

1. Deep condition weekly at the very least. Deep conditioning refers to the process of applying treatment to your hair for long periods of time - usually 15 mins to an hour. The point of which is to saturate your strands with water and emollients. After deep conditioning, seal your strands with a light oil such as olive oil.

2. Drink lots of water. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), our internal water levels affect the health of our scalp and consequently the state of our hair. A dry, itchy, dandruffy (is that a word?), flaky scalp will hardly yield healthy hair. 

In HOT weather, here's how to amplify your hair hydration:

1. Deep condition twice a week. This doesn't have to be a complicated process. You can simply drench your hair in water in the shower, don your plastic cap and go to sleep. This method, which is also known as the Green House Method (GHM), allows the heat from your head to open up your follicles and absorb the moisture. I'm actually GHM'ing as I type this out! :-) In the morning, I'll dab off the excess water and apply a light coat of olive oil to seal in the moisture. 

2. Drink lottttsss of water!!!! Can I say this any louder? Yep, our hair needs water to be healthy. 

3. Cover your strands once in a while. Believe it or not, the sun's UV rays can cause our strands to get discolored. Avocado oil is a great sealant in sunshine-prone areas because it has properties that repulse harmful UV rays. 

In COLD weather, here's how to amplify your hair hydration:

1. See point one above! Lol! No, but seriously. Deep conditioning is crucial. In cold weather though, you can apply a heavier butter or cream as a sealant.

2. Keep the ends of your hair tucked away. Cold weather can cause breakage when the water on and in our strands freezes! On that note, ensuring that you don't leave the house with a head of wet hair will greatly help your hair journey. 

3. Line your beanies and headscarves with satin. There are some satin-lined beanies available on But for the most part, all you need is some needle, thread and satin cloth and this becomes a lazy-Saturday-DIY-project. Satin is fantastic for cold weather, because unlike cotton it doesn't absorb moisture from our strands. 

On this rare day, I had both some sunshine and like a true Kenyan I took the opportunity to bask.. :-)

Wind "blowing" through my 4C tresses! 

Wind "blowing" through my 4C tresses! 

DSC_0548 (1).jpg

What other tweaks do you make to your regimen in extreme weather? I'd love to know! 

Shine bright like a diamond! :-)