6 Things You Need To Know About Using Buns As Protective Styles!!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a restful weekend! Mine was ish-ish. Nothing wild and exciting - I was just busy working on my books as always. I do take pride in being a nerd! :-) *Okay I'm just consoling myself here!*

ANYWAY, the temperatures are warming up in my hood, so I thought I'd wear a bun and let my tresses get some sunshine

I've had a love-hate relationship with buns for a long time to be honest. Here's why: to hold your hair in a bun, you must have some length in the first place! Now for those of us with 4B/4C length is evasive especially if you have lots of shrinkage. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen how much my hair can shrink! It's actually another wonder of the world! Waaahh!! 

So for a long time, I always wondered why naturals were obsessed with bunning because for me, it was not an option for the first three years of my hair journey. 

Those who argue FOR buns say that: 

1. Buns are a great protective style - they keep your ends from rubbing on your clothes and thus from drying up. 

2. Buns are an easy and low manipulation style - all you need to do is tie up your hair and you're out the door. No need for excessive brushing, twisting or braiding. 

How to bun correctly:

1. Use an elastic hair tie that is not made from cotton. Cotton is absorbent, so it sucks a lot of moisture from our stands. Whatever you do, don't use a rubber band! 

2. If bunning extensively, remember to regularly shift the position of your bun. You can have a high knot bun, a low pony bun or even a side pony bun. Shifting the location of your bun, allows you to alternate the stress on your strands.

3. Don't forget to seal your hair before you step out that door! A light dab of olive oil should do. Yes, buns are a protective style, but they only "protect" healthy hair. It is important to keep up with your hair regimen as you bun. 

4. Watch your edges - instead of artificial gels, use 100% aloe vera gel. I'm not a fan of sleeking my edges down, partly because my edges are indented and genetically very frail but also because I actually love the "popcorn tufts" (very derogatory description) that our hair naturally forms. I think it is part of the beauty of our natural tresses.


Team forehead and kisogo! The Lord had no mercy here! :-)

Team forehead and kisogo! The Lord had no mercy here! :-)


Have you used buns as a protective style? What's been your experience? 

Wishing you a week as sweet as mabuyu and as tangy as achari!