I Found Yellow! (March 2015)

Yellow to me is a frame of mind. 

Yellow is laughter, light and energy. It's daffodils, sunshine and sunflowers.


Craving Yellow is officially 3 months old! This year is really flying by..! First quarter is done. Amazeyying!!

Looking back on the month of March (oh March), where do I begin?

I found laughter (and a few tears too..)

It's slowly dawning on me that I'm about to part ways with some of the most amazing besties I have ever had! Marce, Jen, Felicia, Mmas and Neo. These babes have held down the fort from day 1. We've roomed, gossiped, shopped, partied, cried and shared life together. From Freshman Formal to Senior Spring, these girls have seen me through it all. Boys to books and everything in between. We've spent a lot of time together this past month. Special shout out to that Saturday we went to Walmart and then crashed in Marcela's room - I laughed till I cried. Every burden seems to lift when we are together. I'm truly lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful souls! 

That said, friends are hard to lose when it's time to graduate and even harder to lose when death bears its ugly snare. Yep, I lost a dear friend of mine this past week. I'm still dealing with the emotions of losing her and tears flow freely many times. Her passing reminds me that life is a gift - we are on this earth to serve those around us and that at the end of the day all we have is each other. May she rest in peace.

I found light. 

I found light in so many places!  I am currently digging through the depths of truth that I keep finding on this blog: Miss Afropolitan. Yes hunneyy! So many affirmative and restorative perspectives on womanhood. This is one of those blogs that you have to prepare yourself to encounter! Yes it is a force! You'll need to sit down with a hot cup of chocolate in hand, and delve deep equipped with some nerdy spectacles. This is a brain spa like no other. I'll warn you: be in the frame of mind to embrace radical truths about Africa, womanhood, pop-culture, life in the diaspora..eeeverythang! Radical is good for growth. 

On a less geeky note though, I have been consumed by the Braxton Family Values! I loved Toni Braxton before (this song right here was my personal anthem for about 18 months - read boy drama! lol!)...But now I'm near-obsessing about her and her sisters. I deeply admire their honesty, humor, work ethic, confidence and energy. Believe it or not, I have picked up very many values from them! If you're not on this bandwagon, I suggest you jump on and #getyolife #thereal. Gotsta love #tamarbraxtonher !! 

I found energy.

March is Women's History month. There's lots to celebrate as women and the world remains for our taking! For me Jojo Abot represents all this and more. Check her out here: 

Lawd. Waahhh! As in. Heehh! Woi! 


Assaulting beauty, a clean unique sound, depth, power, multi-culturalisms..what's not to love!?

I found lots of energy to work on my honors' thesis. Thank you Fadah! God knows the hardest part about any race is the last lap! I can feel the fatigue creeping in, but we're almost there. 67 days to go! Wohooo!! 

I'm excited for what's to come in the months ahead! As always thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, critiquing. The journey so far is proving to be beautiful and well worth it! 

These are a couple of my favorite shots from this month's posts. 

Happy New Month!